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Storage in a small kitchen: what to do if there is no pantry in the apartment


What to do if the kitchen is limited to square meters, and there is no special pantry in it?

How to organize storage systems and fit all kitchen utensils?

We have prepared 7 practical ideas and 25 illustrative examples that will help to keep small-sized kitchen in order.

1. Open shelves

On the open shelves you can store dishes

Open shelves can be installed in any part of the kitchen - on a free wall, in a niche, in the intervals between furniture and appliances, in the corners, under the ceiling. They are also good because they do not visually reduce space, but give it a perspective, create a feeling of lightness. On such shelves it is convenient to store plates, cups, glasses, spices and favorite cookbooks.

Open shelves great save space

Open shelves do not overload the space

Interesting storage of dishes on the open shelves

Stylish open shelves in the interior of a small kitchen

2. Window seat

You can arrange a window seat

In a small kitchen you need to use all the space. And not only on the walls. It is worth paying attention to the window seat. Here you can also install small shelves or use a window sill as a work surface. It is convenient to store a mixer, coffee maker, dishes on it.

You can hang pots and pans directly on the wall

In order to fix the dishes on the wall, it is enough to use rails and slats. Of course, if you wish, you can make a special board with hooks, on which it is convenient to hang the necessary items.

Pots and pans on rails

You can make a special board with hooks

4. Rails

Rails are real assistants of modern hostesses. With the help of constructions with several floors, you can store not only ladles, vanes and beaters. Some models are able to fit on their plates, cups, lids of pots and dining items.

An example of storing dishes in a small kitchen

Rails in the interior of the kitchen

On magnetic models it is convenient to store knives, scissors, fix sheets with recipes on them. On rails with hooks, cups, pots, towels, skimmers will perfectly fit. There are samples on which is provided a place for storage of paper towels, food film, foil.

It is convenient to store knives on magnetic rails

Some models have storage space for paper towels.

Rails, as well as open shelves - are universal. They can be installed on the kitchen apron, free walls and fragments near the cabinets. It is best if they are located as close as possible to the working triangle, so that the hostess can always quickly take the desired spice or dishes.

On the rails can be stored lids from pots

Convenient storage pockets

Comfortable rails in the kitchen

5. Vegetable storage

If in a small kitchen there is no separate pantry, then you need to think about the proper storage of vegetables. One of the best options is to hide them in one or more drawers. The main thing is that it should be located in a dry place (not near the sink) and well ventilated. Vegetables should not be stored in plastic bags, but in baskets that allow air to pass through. It can be woven or metal models.

In the locker, potatoes and other vegetables will be limited to the flow of light, which will extend their shelf life. Greens, tomatoes, cucumbers and zucchini can be stored on the bottom shelf in the refrigerator or in special containers that are provided in any refrigerator.

The option of storing vegetables, if the apartment does not have a pantry

6. Order in cabinets

Sometimes with enough lockers, there is still a shortage of storage systems. All because of the wrong organization of the space inside them. How to put everything in order?
• First of all, it is necessary to pack all bulk products in glass or plastic jars, sign them for easy search of the desired cereals.
• Then you need to sort out the dishes and get rid of broken and unusable plates, cups, pots.
• Those items that are most rarely used are best removed to the highest shelves.
• To make it easier to get a jar with a certain grits or spice, you need to line up the vessels in this way: tall cans are lined away (near the cabinet wall), medium ones are placed in front of them, and the smallest containers are located closer to the door.

Proper storage of dishes in cabinets

Proper arrangement of dishes

Storage of cereals in a small kitchen

Storage of pans and bakeware

It is convenient to store grain in plastic and glass jars

7. Under the sink

When the issue of storing dishes, vegetables and products is resolved, it remains to figure out where to hide household chemicals? Washing, cleaning, sponges and gloves as well as a broom with a dustpan and a trash can are best removed under the sink. Here it is desirable to equip convenient shelves or use retractable containers on wheels, which can be bought at a hardware store. Ordinary plastic and metal boxes are suitable for storing household items.

Storage under the sink