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Small hallway: proper organization of the space in 10 steps


How to make a small hallway stylish, place everything you need in it, and at the same time not overload the space?

Today we will tell you how to properly organize storage systems in the front room, and what must be in it for comfortable use.

1. Space under the ceiling

Functional use of space under the ceiling in the hallway

The place under the ceiling is often undeservedly overlooked. But it is here that it is most convenient to store seasonal shoes and various household items that are rarely used.

Before you hide your shoes, you must prepare it - wash and clean. Then put them in cardboard boxes and be sure to close them on top with covers so that the shoes do not get dusty.

2. Hooks of different shapes and configurations

Stylish hooks in the interior of a small hallway

Without hooks in a small hallway just can not do. They can be installed in several rows or in a chaotic order. Today, furniture manufacturers offer hooks that can not only perform their direct function, but also decorate the interior. It is enough to choose such accessories to match the color of the door, rug or other pieces of furniture, and the space will play with stylish colors.

Unusual clothes hanger in the hallway

Rustic entrance hall

Hooks can also be used to store bags. So that they are not confused among the outerwear, it is necessary to build hooks on the middle level. So, do not need to reach for the right bag up and if necessary always to quickly find it.

Convenient hooks in the interior hallway

3. Open modules

For storage of shoes you can use open modular systems. They are easy to combine in color and shape, making up a comfortable piece of furniture. The plus of such furniture is that it does not make the space heavier and does not visually "eat up" square meters. However, with this method of storage, you need to ensure that shoes are always in perfect order, because it is always in sight.

Open modules do not reduce the room

4. Multifunctional walls

A good option for a small hallway is a multifunctional wall from the ceiling to the floor. Today, shallow pieces of furniture are made for small spaces so that they can fit even into a tiny room. They are equipped with comfortable shelves, hooks and even benches.

Multifunctional wall in the hallway

5. Wicker baskets

Wicker baskets can make the interior more comfortable. They are appropriate in a rustic and Scandinavian style. It is especially important to apply them in the country. It is convenient to put shoes and non-laundering things in them. Baskets are mobile and versatile - they are easy to move and hide.

Basket in the hallway interior

Mediterranean style wicker baskets

In baskets it is convenient to store shoes and non-laundering items.

6. Organizers for storing keys

It is important that not only shoes and jackets are in order, but also keys to the house and car. To store them, you must provide additional hooks or organizers. As an alternative, decorative buckets can be used, which can be mounted on the wall before leaving. They are also convenient to store all sorts of stuff.

In decorative buckets it is convenient to store the keys and all sorts of stuff

Organizer for storing keys

With such an organizer keys will always be in order

7. Shears

Compact shoemaker can save a lot of space. Outwardly, it looks like a small dresser. In many models, shoes can be stored upright, so these pieces of furniture have a small depth and are great for small spaces. In addition, they allow you to hide shoes from the eyes, and make the interior of the hallway more neat.

Compact shoebox

Obuvnitsa great save space in the hallway

8. Stools, stools, chairs

Whatever the size of the hallway, a place to sit in it is a must. A small stool, chair, stool, bench or stool - on any of these pieces of furniture you can relax after a long walk or jog, and also sit down to put on shoes.

It is convenient to hide shoes under a bench or bench. There are also padded stools and stools in which things can be removed. For very small spaces fit folding models.

A small stool in the interior hallway

Comfortable bench in the hallway

9. Mirror

As you know, mirrors are able to visually change the space - to push the walls, lengthen the room, make it lighter and more spacious. Therefore, even in the smallest hallway you need to find a place for a mirror. Well, if it will reflect the light sources or windows, which will fill the dark hallway with additional light.

Mirror in the interior of the hallway

The mirror visually increases the space

10. Visual tricks

Small striped floor mats will give the hallway coziness. They are able to make space dynamic. Vertical stripes will help lengthen a cramped room, and horizontal - visually expand the walls.

The rug makes the hallway cozy

Posters in the glass will decorate the hallway, give it a stylish look and also play on the visual increase in space. Due to the fact that the light will be reflected from the glass, the interior will seem light and airy. The same applies to any glossy surfaces in the room.

Posters also work on the visual expansion of space.

As the main color for the design of a small hallway is best to choose white. It can be diluted with accent shades or make a black and white interior, which is very important today. Yes, and this room looks very stylish and presentable.

Cozy entrance hall