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How to convert cluttered pantry in a cozy office, when there is very little space


When in a small apartment every square meter counts, you need to use as much as possible all the free space, but do it competently. For example, a pantry. After all, this tiny room can be quite functional cabinet!

We have collected 17 illustrative examples of how to convert the cluttered storeroom into a cozy place for mental labor.

1. Deep pantry

Spacious office in gray tones.

Starting the conversion of the storeroom, first of all you need to clean it of all things, measure the size and depth of the storeroom. If the pantry is large, for example, such as in the photo example, it is safe to equip the whole room. The walls of this storeroom are painted in a dark gray shade that looks very stylish, and also creates an atmosphere of intimacy and privacy. The compact console table allowed to place the working computer, and several shelves - to place the necessary books and documentation.

2. Minimalism

Workplace in the style of minimalism.

Even the smallest pantry can be turned into a convenient workplace. First pick up the wallpaper. For this purpose, best suited bright pure shades that visually expand the space. From the furniture you will need the very minimum: several shelves, one of which will serve as a table, a comfortable seat and lighting.

3. Women's office

Women's workplace in pink.

When you make a workplace in the closet, consider your own tastes. Remember that the interior of the room in the future will affect your work and well-being. For example, the walls of the female mini-office can be pasted over with dynamic pink floral wallpaper. To complement the interior will help white shelves, beautiful boxes and bright accessories. If the room is small, it is better to replace the door with thick curtains.

Workplace with a sliding table.

Owners of very modest apartments will surely like the idea of ​​creating a functional workplace that can be easily hidden from prying eyes. Retractable shelves that occupy the entire space of the pantry will help to achieve the desired. On the shelves you can place a computer, documents and large office equipment. To get to work, you just need to open the door to push the table-shelf and substitute a chair.

5. Elegant cabinet

Elegant cabinet with folding doors.

A bright working space, equipped in a small closet, with a desk-shelf, a small storage system and folding doors, which in the open form create improvised walls, allowing you to put a chair and work.

6. Functional space

Full cabinet in the pantry.

A large storage room is a huge field for activity. Competent organization will allow turning this space into a full-fledged cabinet. Equipping such a non-standard space will help corner set, made to order. It can consist of a floor-to-ceiling rack, a compact built-in desk with drawers, wall cabinets and shelves.

7. Dynamic room

A dynamic home office with orange walls.

The stunning transformation of a small pantry into a dynamic space with orange walls, a narrow table, open shelves and many paintings. Such a rich interior will undoubtedly be energized and stimulate its owner to productive work.

8. Tidy cabinet

A small white room.

A tiny snow-white office with a home-made table, two shelves and original note boards is a great example of what can be done from a standard pantry. Such a workplace will suit the creative personality and will inspire you for feats.

9. Hidden space

Charming workplace behind the pantry door.

In a small pantry, you can hide office equipment, as well as put a desk. In this way, you will be able to separate work and a house by clearing living space from nondescript office equipment.

10. Modern office

Mini-room in a modern style.

A small room with a slate on the walls, an original wooden shelf-table and an ottoman with a raised seat are a perfect example of the clever use of a too-small storeroom.

11. Huge racks

Shelving to the ceiling.

When it comes to small spaces, the most difficult thing is to choose furniture and storage systems. So for the office in the pantry is best suited high racks from the floor to the ceiling.

12. Secret room

The secret room under the stairs.

Owners of private houses with stairs often equip small utility rooms there. Over time, such a room can be converted into a small workplace with a compact table and stool.

13. Bright functional room

Bright functional cabinet behind the doors.

Blue wallpapers are a full-fledged writing desk and a shelf for documentation in a narrow room that was once a storeroom.

14. Classic style

Cabinet in classic style.

A beautiful room in a classic style with an original U-shaped table and built-in racks, equipped in a niche that was previously occupied by a storeroom.

15. Asymmetric space

Unusual workplace under the stairs.

Another option to use unnecessary pantry - the dismantling of doors and arrangement in the niche of a small office. Compact table and original shelf will make this place cozy and comfortable.

16. Splash of color

Office with yellow walls.

Getting rid of the doors, adding light and painting the walls in a bright cheerful color, a half-meter pantry will turn into a comfortable home office.

17. Semicircular cabinet

Stylish semicircular cabinet.

This stylish workplace in a semi-circular niche, was once a not-too-functional storage room. The owners of the apartment dismantled the doors and slightly changed the boundaries of the space, used high-quality finishing and as a result received a design office.

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