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How to equip a small kitchen: ideas for those who live in "Khrushchev"


The kitchen is the place where we spend most of our time every day, be it cooking, fussy breakfast before work, or a quiet family dinner. And sadly it doesn’t sound, but in most cases this room is so small that sometimes there is no place to turn around. But you want so that it was cozy, comfortable and everything you need is always at hand.

Our review contains the most practical tips and ideas on arranging even the smallest kitchen, which will help to achieve the desired effect and result at minimal cost.

1. Features of planning

The kitchen combined with the living room is ideal for expanding the space.

Replace the usual door on the arch. This will visually expand the space.

In most cases, when the kitchen is really small, it makes sense to abandon the door, replacing the standard entrance with an arch. Such a solution visually removes the room from the "conciseness" and feeling of narrowness in the four walls. Also pay attention to the second equally common option - to combine the kitchen with the living room. This layout allows you to smooth out all the disadvantages associated with the lack of square meters, while making the kitchen as comfortable and functional as possible.

2. Choose a style for the kitchen

Modern kitchen, made in the traditional classic style.

It is best to choose light colors and shades. This will help to visually make the space larger.

Contrasting colors are often used in modern interiors.

Kitchen in bright colors, made in a modern style.

Kitchen in the style of minimalism - the perfect solution for a small room.

Choose a calm color palette and modern materials with imitation of wood or stone.

It is worth paying attention to three main styles:

1 Classic - does not mean old or outdated. Just here it is worth refusing the catchy and fanciful details that are able to "crush" the space with their weight, whether it is color or a pile of furniture and household appliances.

2. Modern - style involves the use of fashionable and modern materials, thanks to which you can make the kitchen as comfortable and stylish as possible.

3. Minimalism - one of the most common and loved by many styles. Everything is very simple here: practicality, versatility, minimum decor and maximum use of usable space.

3. Lighting

Illumination of the dining area.

Lighting work area.

When choosing lighting should pay special attention to such details as the window. After all, daylight is an excellent source of light in the early hours of the day. Therefore, do not veil it with heavy curtains or blinds. It is enough to hang a translucent light tulle. Also, the central part should be illuminated with a small compact chandelier or a pair of hanging lamps. It is desirable to illuminate the working area additionally with the help of LED strip or spotlights.

4. Paul

The classic color combination flooring.

Modern board - perfect for finishing the floor in the kitchen.

Board and linoleum with imitation wood - perfect for the kitchen.

The bright floor in the kitchen will visually expand the space.

First of all, the floor in the kitchen should be resistant to mechanical damage, not slippery, easy to clean. It is best to choose a tile, modern linoleum, board with impregnation. Do not chase the catchy pictures on the floor. Stay calm, discreet tones and shades with imitation stone or wood. It is also worth paying attention to the glossy and glazed coatings. They look great in small rooms, making them more visually due to the reflecting light.

5. Walls

Kitchen, made in beige tones.

Plastic panels in light gray colors are perfect for wall decoration in the kitchen.

Light cream colored tiles are a great way to decorate the walls in the kitchen.

Marble insert on the working area - what you need for a modern kitchen.

Here you should also pay attention primarily to the color palette and the durability of the selected materials. In the commodity market, a modern manufacturer offers a huge assortment of wallpapers, films, paints, tiles and wall panels. Choose colors that will be in harmony with the furniture and not only. After all, the lighter and quieter the walls, the more comfortable the room seems.

6. Furniture for a small kitchen

Kitchen set for a small kitchen.

Compact table for a small kitchen.

The bar counter is another great option for a small kitchen.

Transforming tables - something you can't do without in a small kitchen.

Wardrobe with open shelves - the option when everything you need is at hand.

First of all, furniture for a small kitchen should be compact and at the same time multifunctional. It is preferable to transform cabinets. They can safely put most of the things and utensils. It is also best to choose small tables and chairs that will not clutter the space.