Useful ideas

18 practical ideas to help make the living room stylish and comfortable.

The living room is the place where the whole family or friends gather.

Therefore, it should be as comfortable and stylish as possible. Everyone has different tastes, so we tried to find various options for arranging the living room.

We hope that they will inspire many to create something like this.

1. Colorful design

Bright colors, with the right combination, will fill your living room with colors and make it special.

2. Books on the shelves

The living room in restrained colors is perfectly complemented by open shelves with books and several bright accessories.

3. Geometric accents

The laconic interior of the living room can be diluted with pillows and a rug with a colorful ornament.

4. Smart zoning

Properly located furniture in the living room will help to separate the rest area from the work area.

5. Elegant gray

Living room in gray tones will look cozier with fluffy carpet and lamps with the original design.

6. Luxurious addition

A bed in the living room can be separated with the help of sliding curtains, and the functional segment should be supplemented with a fireplace.

7. Exquisite classic

Beige color is universal - this color scheme is suitable for both luxurious classics and strict Scandinavian style.

8. Forms and proportions

Round pieces of furniture in a narrow living room will help to visually change the proportions of the room.

9. Different levels

Zoning using different levels is perfect for spacious living rooms with high ceilings.

10. Cozy white

White color in the interior will help to visually increase the space, and a fireplace and soft lighting will give comfort.

11. Unusual solution

For a spacious living room you can apply zoning with false walls with built-in fireplace and wood storage.

12. Living room and bedroom

The classic version of zoning multifunctional living room - sliding doors.

13. Drapery walls

Decorating the walls with a cloth will help to completely transform the interior of your living room.

14. English style

An impressive example of a functional open-plan living room.

15. Original accent

A special raised platform will help to highlight the functional area, making your living room original.

16. Color contrasts

An example of a grand living room in oriental style using beige tones and bright carpet.

17. Fidelity to traditions

In the interior of a classic living room, you can successfully combine upholstered furniture with different prints.

18. Rational minimalism

An Art Nouveau fireplace in combination with vintage armchairs and a lamp adds a living room with “historic” content.