Useful ideas

15 cool ways to transform the interior without spending and effort


How often do you want to add some zest to the interior, but in the stores you don’t like anything or don’t want to spend money on it. But you can create cool things yourself, without spending transcendental amounts. Today we have gathered for you some simple and inexpensive ideas that you can implement with your own hands.

We share with you the ideas of creating things at home without problems.

1. Make the shower tray comfortable and beautiful.

A great idea for those who are tired of the dull pan and want to make something new in their bathroom, without resorting to radical measures.

2. Composition of photographs for an empty wall

Sometimes even avid fans of minimalism want something to decorate their walls. For such a case, a collage of photos will do. You can create such a decoration without spending a single penny, because every house has glue and favorite pictures.

3. New life rugs

If you have a desire to get something new and an old carpet, then this method is just for you. Thanks to several simple actions with paint and tape, you can turn it into a designer by creating your own individual pattern on it, which no one else will have.

4. Transform a bench

Such a bench will not require large expenditures, and at the same time you will be able to turn an old and useless thing into a new and cozy one. Throw on it a few decorative pillows - and you get a beautiful piece of furniture.

5. Additional surface

Very often in the bathroom there are not enough shelves and cabinets, but there is a lot of space that can be used. Here we offer this option if you lack free surfaces. Such a shelf, firstly, will become another place where you can put various baskets and jars, and secondly, an addition to the interior.

6. Stylish holder for books and magazines.

Ordinary cabinets, drawers and coffee tables is not your option? And how do you find such a holder for books and magazines? It will not take a lot of time and materials to make it, and your own style will definitely be traced.

7. Upgrading the wall without high costs

To add a highlight to your interior, you do not need to buy what is sold in all stores, or follow some of the latest trends. In order for your home to have its own individuality, you can add the details that you build with your own hands. For example, close the wall with a wooden panel that looks amazing.

8. Hide radiators behind interesting panels.

Open radiators do not add comfort to any home, unless, of course, they are not any special, made-to-order or bought for big money. But you can solve this problem, without spending a lot of money on it, it is enough to make such panels, which also make your room more comfortable.

9. Expand the functionality of the usual rack

You can make such a multifunctional sofa from the usual rack. To do this, just flip it over and put one big pillow on top - no one would guess that it used to be a regular vertical rack.

10. Turn an ordinary tile into a masterpiece.

Nowadays tile with various ornaments is quite popular, so why not make it your own from the old pavement, so as not to change the floor or walls? This method of transformation is quite simple and accessible, and the result is a picture that does not take your eyes off.

11. Refine your window

You can add a cozy atmosphere to your room and make it special by simply changing the window, which looks impersonal and boring. And with such a frame, it looks much better.

12. "Wooden" magnet for knives

Ordinary magnetic panel does not fit into the design of your kitchen and you want something unusual? You can make such a holder yourself using a wooden plate and a few magnets.

13. Hanger of horns

Many probably have deer horns somewhere in the house or in the country, which seem to be no good for anything, but they don’t raise a hand. There is good news: they can be adapted to your modern interior with paint and colored tape. With this coat hanger you will not only surprise your guests, but also decorate the house.

14. Hammock Swing

Sometimes you want to be alone with a book or just to relax. It is for such cases that this small hammock will suit, which both children and adults will like. The main thing is to use durable and high-quality materials so that there are no unpleasant surprises.

15. Decoration of pots with plants

If you want to add some accents to the interior, then you can decorate flower pots with your own hands in this way. For this you will not need any outlandish materials, only your hands and polymer clay.