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20 examples of successful zoning of space in small premises


Unfortunately, the majority of our compatriots are forced to huddle in small flats.

Therefore, it is necessary to carefully consider how to optimally arrange the furniture.

In today's material we have collected 20 examples of successful zoning of space, which will help put everything in its place.

1. Partition for zoning space in the room

Each professional designer individually selects techniques that will help zone the space in the room.

2. Stationary partition

The classic stationary partition for space zoning can be not only functional, but also a decorative element of the room.

3. Forged partition

The shod partition will allow to divide space correctly and will become the excellent decision for the small-sized room.

4. Decorative plaster columns

Decorative columns are becoming more common in modern interiors.

5. Different colors as a variant of zoning space

Often for zoning space use different colors.

6. To zoning a room, you can use a sofa.

An ordinary sofa can be an original solution that will help zone the space.

7. Living room in a minimalist style

Space zoning will help to distinguish between separate areas for recreation and reception of guests.

8. The division of the nursery into functional areas

Space zoning in the nursery is a difficult and very important task.

9. Small coffee table partition

A small coffee table, which plays the role of a partition between the beds in the interior of the children's room.

10. Shelf partition

Classic shelving, which will be appreciated by the owners of one-bedroom apartments.

11. Universal partition for space zoning

To cope with the unsuccessful planning of a small apartment can be using sliding wooden partitions.

12. Curtains-partitions

Graceful fabric curtains that will significantly transform a small room.

13. Partition of wooden bars and metal plates

The interior partition, which will organically look in any room.

14. Light shelf partition

Stationary wooden partition that performs several functions at once.

15. "Everything new is well forgotten old"

The wardrobe can be used to zoning space in a room, but it is important to respect the middle ground.

16. Swivel plaster partition

Swivel plaster partition wall, decorated with fantastic stucco, which can at any time be converted into an ordinary wall.

17. Two rooms in one

For a feeling of maximum comfort and coziness, the sleeping place can be protected with plasterboard walls and wooden partitions.

18. Kitchen island for zoning space

To ensure the visual zoning of space, you can use a kitchen island.

19. Zoning curtains - classic reception

Space zoning with bright curtains is a classic technique that will never go out of style.

20. Stationary plasterboard partition

Proper use of decorative partitions in the interior of the living room.