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7 key points that will help to completely transform the kitchen

Even the most comfortable house needs repair over time. Things become obsolete, wear out or simply go out of fashion, and sometimes they just get bored.

And if for living rooms it is enough to re-paste wallpaper, then the situation with the kitchen is more complicated.

And this review is a story about 7 key points that should be changed to transform the kitchen.

1. Modern kitchen "apron"

Skinali with a landscape will change the kitchen beyond recognition.

Although these anti-splatter wallcoverings are not directly intended for cooking or entertainment, this is one of the first things that people in the kitchen can see.

The tile on the wall is a timeless classic of the genre.

In many kitchens, wall tiles are outdated and, after many years of use, often desperately need to be replaced. Because of this, the apron needs to be changed in the first place, when you want to change the design of the kitchen.

2. New perspective on the floor

Combined floor - the original kitchen solution.

Another kitchen element that can completely spoil the impression of the kitchen, if it is not updated, is the floor. If someone is thinking about selling his apartment, then he definitely needs to upgrade his kitchen floor. In the kitchen industry, constantly come up with new and innovative methods for creating kitchen floors.

Glossy floor in the kitchen - an option for the most daring.

In this example, a mirror floor was made with an attractive geometric pattern. It may also be advisable to use such innovations, such as cork flooring or underfloor heating.

3. Furniture handles

A simple and functional solution for furniture handles.

Although there are a number of key differences, the renovation of the kitchen design is very similar to the reconstruction of any other room. If you want to create a really good design, you need to take into account all the details. And one of the smallest and most visible parts in the kitchen is the handles ... plates, cabinets, refrigerators ... everything.

And you can and something original.

Therefore, if you choose really beautiful handles, this can completely change the look of not only the lockers, but also the entire kitchen.

4. Countertops

The stone in the kitchen is always good.

When redesigning the kitchen, it is imperative to revise your approaches to some design elements. This is especially true for countertops. If the kitchen has wall aprons, then the countertops should complement them.

Wooden countertops are always relevant.

If they are not, then the table top should be chosen so that they become one of the main elements of kitchen decor.

5. The correct color

Yellow kitchen for a good mood.

Choosing the right color for the kitchen can do a lot to create the necessary mood for the room. First of all, it’s worth deciding whether the kitchen should be a bright space with a lot of colors or it should have a neutral color palette with a more “timeless” design. The answer to this question will help you to understand which paint color to choose.

Most choices - kitchen in neutral colors.

Speaking frankly, most people choose neutral colors, and there is a good reason for this: neutral kitchens are great for any occasion and apartments with such a kitchen design are easier to resell.

6. Proper lighting

Light as one of the most important elements of the kitchen.

Having the right lighting in the kitchen is of paramount importance for creating a beautiful and functional space. Naturally, you need to choose the lighting devices that guarantee the "correct" lighting during cooking, and even use it. Lighting is an essential element of home decor as a whole, and it is important for good kitchen design.

Ceiling lighting is always in trend.

Insufficient lighting often leads to dirty worktops and stove. It also does not allow to correctly highlight other design elements and does not allow the kitchen to look better.

7. Modern chairs

Chairs can be a key element in kitchen design.

In the past, the kitchen may have been a strictly utilitarian space, but this style of kitchen has long since disappeared. Today, the kitchen is designed as a communal room for cooking and leisure activities, so it should be one of the most beautiful places in the house. As more people, designers, and homeowners become aware of this potential, new kitchen design options are emerging.

Chairs should be not only bright, but also comfortable.

Given that people spend quite a lot of time in the kitchen today, you need to take care to sit comfortably in this room.