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11 blunders of style that interior designers are silent about


Zatevaya repair, many dream of a stylish interior, but in the end it turns out something very far from ideal. And the point is not that you have no taste.

It is only necessary to pay special attention to some details and to place accents.

1. Save on curtains

Trying to save on curtains.

Many people consider the curtains unobtrusive detail and very often try to save on them. However, this is not so easy to do. Frankly cheap options can spoil the look of the room, and sewing, even if the Roman curtains, will result in a lot of money. In addition, the curtains of poor-quality fabric can quickly fade or tear, which would entail new spending. So, before starting the repair, it is better to clarify the cost of the items and leave a small margin on unplanned expenses.

2. Reckless choice of finishes

Spontaneous selection of paint or other finishing material.

If you are not a relative of Rockefeller and can not afford to change the color of the walls in the mood, refrain from spontaneous purchase of finishing materials. You need to take this issue seriously, go shopping, look through catalogs, collect product samples and think carefully about your decision. When choosing a finishing material, it is worth considering the location and level of natural lighting in the apartment, the color of future or existing furniture, the flooring and the style of other rooms. Also do not forget that each color has a certain attention to the psyche, and some shades may even adversely affect your health.

3. Too light apartment

The interior in bright colors without contrasts and bright blots.

Replaced with brown shades that prevailed in the Soviet interiors, now came the white walls and minimalism. However, despite the very presentable image, this design has a lot of pitfalls. Firstly, a totally white apartment will require regular high-quality and scrupulous cleaning. So, as any stains on light surfaces will strongly be evident and spoil the atmosphere. Secondly, it is psychologically difficult to live in a sterile interior. Over time, the snow-white atmosphere will cause boredom and gloom. If these factors do not scare you, do not completely abandon the bright colors and expressive contrasts. Original decor items, bright textiles or contrasting furniture will help to revive the room and emphasize the light finish.

The predominance of one shade in the interior.

Fearing to be mistaken, people often design the interior in one or two shades. Most often, such interiors look like pictures that are decorated with one marker. If you feel insecure in your abilities, use the special color combination charts. Fans of the same monochrome setting should use several shades of the same color, but different saturation.

5. Excess furniture

Too much furniture.

In the choice of furniture is better to show moderation. Despite the large range and the difficulties of choice, do not buy too much. Remember, there should be enough space between the furniture to move around without tripping over the legs of the sofas and the pedestal. Remember that the furniture should fit the size of your apartment. For a small room with low ceilings, it is better to choose low and compact furniture.

6. Ludicrous and inappropriate decor

Inappropriate decor in the interior.

Sometimes, we are forced to hang a picture or a poster in order to disguise some flaw in decoration. But we do not take into account that a lonely decor item can look ridiculous. Most often, such lonely objects are strongly striking and spoil the look of the room. Remember, if you need to hide something on the wall, it is better to do it with the help of a composition of paintings, the center of which can always be shifted in a certain direction.

7. Choose furniture according to the color of the finish

To select furniture after wall decoration.

For some reason, most people first choose the color and finishing material, transfer it to the walls and floor, and only then do they choose the furniture. Such actions are a big mistake that can negate all attempts to create a stylish interior. The fact is that despite the wide range of models, the material of the furniture and its shade can absolutely not fit into the color scheme of your home. As for the shades and materials for wall decoration, they are much more. So, it would be more logical to first decide on the furniture and only then pick up the rest.

8. Buying a huge wall

Modern wall in the interior.

In Soviet times and in the 90s, furniture walls were very popular, and the rest of the furniture was made to be placed along the walls. This is not surprising, because most of the apartments could not boast of large footage. Of course, since our apartments have not grown, but the design trends have changed dramatically. Although now in furniture stores there is a mass of modern walls. So it is better to refrain from buying them. A set of interconnected furniture is very cumbersome and completely deprives you of the chances for further rearrangement. While individual pieces of furniture you can move, rearrange and interchange to your liking.

9. Follow the fashion trends.

Blindly follow fashion.

Before you choose the style of a room, carefully consider for whom and what this room is intended. Sometimes, we give in to fashionable trends and as a result we receive an interior unfit for life. For example, rooms in the industrial and Scandinavian style are not very suitable for families with small children. The same goes for open layouts, in which it is comfortable for bachelors and young couples, but uncomfortably large families with several children.

10. Get rid of everything old

Throw away and change all the furniture.

We are so tired of Soviet furniture that starting repair, first of all we get rid of all the furniture. You should not be so categorical. Solid furniture in good condition, you can harmoniously fit into the new design. Such items can be a field for creativity or used in its original form. Furniture from the past will bring coziness, depth and family history to the interior. In addition, often, such furniture is much better and more durable than modern counterparts.

11. Do not make estimates

Do not plan expenses.

Starting repair, we are full of optimism, ideas and strength. But in the middle of the road, most people realize that they have not calculated their capabilities. In such cases, the repair is delayed and may remain unfinished for many years. In order to avoid such trouble, at the planning stage, it is necessary to make an estimate. With its help, you can determine the entire budget available and the costs that this or that repair phase entails. Try to find out as accurately as possible the prices of building materials and services of specialists. Keep in mind that even the most competent specialists experience force majeure, which can entail additional costs.

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