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How to decorate the interior beautifully using home needlework

Unusual and unique handmade handicrafts have always been highly valued, especially among decorators and home interior designers. Doing interesting handicrafts for the house with your own hands is not only beneficial, but also useful. This is an extremely exciting activity in which the whole family can participate, including small children. In a short period of time, without having any experience in carrying out such creative projects, from ordinary things and the material at hand you can get an original decoration that will become an irresistible individual decor in the interior.

Interesting handicrafts for the house do it yourself (photo)

To beautifully decorate the living space, there is no need to purchase expensive decorative items. Everything can be done with your own hands, the main thing is to have imagination and be able to handle various materials and tools.

Having invested a piece of your soul in the handmade product, you will get a worthy decoration that will bring a special highlight to the interior, give warmth and comfort to your home, make your days brighter and more fun.

Ornamental cacti from ordinary stones

Wall decor

Decorating the walls with hand decoration is a great idea, especially if they will show off good authoring works with an original design.

For the first product we need the usual things that are in almost every home. And so, we need:

  • Chopping board (you can use a piece of laminated chipboard);
  • Nails and hammer;
  • Thread for knitting;

We make a panel with our own hands:

  1. Draw a pattern or pattern of your choice on the board.
  2. Using a hammer, hammer nails along the contour of the pattern at the same distance so that their height does not differ from each other.
  3. Tie the tip of the knitting thread to the first nail, then gently stretch the thread to the adjacent nail and make one turn around it. Continue to pull the thread from nail to nail until the whole picture is ready.

Handmade original panel of threads and nails

This composition will harmoniously fit into the interior of the kitchen.

Unusual wall panels on the marine theme

With knitting skills, you can create many beautiful things. For example, using yarn or thread, you can get unusual wall tapestries that will help revive the interior and create an element of exclusivity.

Such a decoration is made quite simple:

  1. To begin with, tie the threads of your choice in thick braids;
  2. Connect the resulting braids together in a single carpet. Make loops along the top edge so that the tapestries can be hung on the wall.
  3. Slide a bamboo stick through all the loops, with a rope threaded into it beforehand, and hang the ornament on the wall.

Soft and delicate wall plaid that will give warmth and comfort to your home

Beautiful handmade decor

Knitted panels - a good idea for wall decor

Carpets and pillows

Craftsmanship in the knitting craft is also useful for other useful items or accessories for home decor.

Very stylish and original look: floor mats, pillows, ottomans, rugs. You will be able to master the art of their knitting, having studied several detailed master classes and lessons with step-by-step photos that can be easily found on the Internet.

Soft ottomans perfectly fit into any interior

A small rug in the hallway

Fashionable and graceful cushion of soft balls

Today, floor carpets that have not been used for a long time in interior design are becoming popular again. Their location will be appropriate in any room: bedroom, nursery, bathroom, living room or hallway, the main thing is that their design blends in well with the overall interior.

The most popular soft floor mats with a long pile, having a round or rectangular shape. In order to tie such a "fluffy decor", you will need an exquisite artistic taste, a little patience and attention, especially if you do it yourself for the first time with beautiful handicraft.

  1. For the rapid manufacture of a fluffy product, small strips cut into fabric are tied into weave of the mesh.
  2. They fasten all the elements from the inside with scotch tape, and a beautiful terry rug can be laid near the bed.

Replacing the stripes with a lot of pompons made from multicolored yarn, they get a soft, cozy product for the children's room.

Unusual carpet of soft colored balls

You can tie such a carpet with your own hands in two or three days.

There are a lot of different knitting techniques. Despite this, this kind of handicraft creativity continues to grow rapidly.

The result is a lot of beautiful design things that not only decorate the interior, but are also useful in everyday life. For example, a knitted blanket, in addition to the decorative function, is able to warm you in cold winter evenings.

Small knitted plaid in bright colors.

Original pillow made in warm pastel colors

The home blanket can also be used as a seat cover.

Ethnic motifs remain the most fashionable trends in interior design. A do-it-yourself "cape mat" will decorate a chair, sofa, chair, stool. For needlewomen who own crochet techniques, the material will be not only durable thick yarn or cord, but also ribbons cut from outdated knitwear and textiles.

Most often, craftsmen knit oval or rectangular multi-color capes. The lacy elements sewn along the perimeter give them a special charm.

Mat design with a piece of warmth and spring mood

Elegant cape in rich shades of all colors of the rainbow

To warm the tiled floor in the bathroom will allow a small cozy massage matwhich is easily made from ordinary corks from wine bottles. They are cut in half along the longitudinal line and glued to a piece of linoleum.

Wine cork rug

Give the room an element of elegance smooth stones, fixed on a rubber base. As a finishing material, wood saw cuts, polished and impregnated with antiseptic compounds, are excellently suited.

Flat stone rug

From the cuts of the tree you can get a great mat for the hallway

Free stitch embroidery

Embroidery by satin - is one of the oldest types of artistic handicraft, which consists in embroidering the plane of a certain pattern. Simply put, a piece of fabric with a pattern of your choice, completely or partially closed with dense stitches of a thread. As a result, beautiful, pictorial paintings and murals are obtained, in their beauty they are not inferior to expensive art masterpieces.

To independently master this craft will take a lot of time and patience, but believe me, the final result will exceed all your expectations. It would seem that simple things make fashionable, stylish and unique elements of decor that are able to emphasize the individuality of any interior.

When embroidering a pattern in the free-surface technique, the length and inclination of the stitches may constantly change

It is recommended to use a thick thread for embroidery of volume patterns.

What you need for embroidery satin

A set of necessary materials and tools that will be required for work:

  • Fabric of any density (perfect silk, wool or linen fabric);
  • High-quality silk threads, the fibers of which have a characteristic glow;
  • Hoop (special device for embroidery);
  • Sharp scissors;
  • A set of needles and thimble;

Important! When choosing a needle, or rather its thickness, should be repelled by the density of the chosen fabric. For example, if the fabric is dense (sheepskin or wool) the needle should be as thin as possible, if you use a velin linen cloth you need to choose thicker.

As for the technology of pulling stitches, everything is simple. Each of them can be held in two directions, longitudinal or transverse, the main thing is that all of them should not be too tight on the canvas. After the entire contour drawing is filled with threads, we can assume that another original handicraft for the house is ready.

Beautiful, bright butterfly embroidered stitch, looks spectacular against the background of other representatives of the world of insects

Unusual composition of marine themes made of woolen threads

Beautiful handicraft for the house has always attracted people and attracted people with its subtlety and elegance. therefore hand-made mastersWith their own hands they constantly create new, stunning home furnishings, delighting their fans with real masterpieces of art.

Exclusive hand-made things are able to decorate the interior, fill the atmosphere with warmth and comfort, bring a touch of personal attitude to it to the choice of design ideas from a variety of interesting options.

Stuffed toys for children

Tilda dolls in their original and unique design will fit into any interior and it is not at all necessary that it was a children's room, their well-deserved place, these dolls can take in the very center of the kitchen or living room.

Every connoisseur of needlework will appreciate your choice and will not be able to resist admiration, especially if these dolls are made independently.

Tilda doll is a bright representative of exclusive decor.

Do not think that sew a tildy doll quite difficult. In fact, if you have the skills to work with a sewing machine and you have the opportunity to buy all the necessary materials for the manufacture of parts of clothing and accessories - you may well get a unique interior doll.

In order not to spend money on expensive materials, you can alter some of the clothes for Tildy from your unnecessary things of good quality, but with a cloth for sewing the doll itself, it is better not to skimp and purchase quality material in a professional store.

Cute tilde doll with a charming dog in her hands

Fixture of improvised means

To make an original lamp with a lampshade made of wire with your own hands can even beginner needlewomen. For its manufacture will require a simple set of materials and tools:

  • Colored wire for home crafts;
  • Light bulb;
  • The cartridge with the extended wire;
  • Multi-colored bilateral figures on a clothespin - in our case, butterflies.
  1. Fasten the wire over the wire at the base of the cartridge and wrap around it in a circular chaotic motion, locking the wire in the desired position.
  2. After a couple of laps again fasten the wire to the wire, do it every time above the previous one. With each new circle the lamp increases in volume, repeat the work to the size you need.
  3. Upon completion of the work with the wire, you need to give the product a flavor. To do this, attach to the new lampshade various figures in random order. You can make them yourself or buy in a specialized store.

The lightness and airiness of the lampshade will be acquired due to the free space between the wire, so try not to tighten the product and carry out each circle in a different direction.

The effective lamp shade from a soft wire and a decor

A lamp decorated with colorful butterflies will provide you with a good mood.

Decor from old light bulbs

Are there old bulbs at home? Do not rush to throw them away. This simple material can be used as a decoration for interior decoration. On the Internet you can find a huge number of unusual ideas for their use. Here are some of them.

A miniature garden in your own light bulbs will be a great gift for a creative person.

Paper Decoration

Wall compositions in the technique of quilling, the material for which is paper, look charming. They can even be created by children, which will serve as a pretext for organizing joint family creativity.

On their own, the craftsmen make stained-glass fragments that fill the space with a bizarre game of color spots. They trim interior doors, lampshades, create screens, zoning rooms

Funny hares who do not mind to have a sweet carrot dinner

Knitwear, sewing, patchwork, weaving

You can make an unusual home decor with your own hands out of plain paper.

Wicker Vases, volumetric toys, decorative baskets they look great and can fit into various interior styles. For their manufacture, not everyone has the opportunity to procure a wicker. Home craftsmen successfully replace this wonderful material for weaving with tubes rolled out of ordinary newspapers.

The prepared sheet is wound diagonally on a thin needle, glued together to form a thin elastic tube for weaving.

How to weave a vase of paper tubes

Wicker basket of newspaper tubes is always useful in the economy

Beautiful woven products from colored paper

Given a dream to renew the atmosphere of the bedroom, owning sewing skills, they collect amazing beauty from individual patches. bedspreads using patchwork technique.

Such products are easily obtained from elements crocheted or knitted. To update covers, pillowcases, napkins, tablecloths apply the technique of application. Bright beautiful fragments are cut out from any fabric, fixed with the help of glue base and processed along the contour with a braid, cord or stitch with a decorative stitch.

Patchwork is an exciting activity for creative housewives.

You can find the application of the patchwork technique in any room - the nursery is no exception

Soft cushions for patchwork chairs

An elegant candlestick is made by crocheting an open case for an ordinary glass jar made of cotton threads. Put a candle inside, so that it does not rise above the neck and set on fire. The flickering of the flame through the lace creates a mysterious romance, allowing you to arrange a luxurious holiday table.

Stylish candle holders for table decoration

Great gift for a loved one

Embroidery, beads

For embroidered paintings, pillowcases, napkins, decorating the interior, use different threads - wool, silk, synthetic, linen. Frames of mirrors, seats of chairs, armchairs, sofas decorate the fragments.

Embroidered curtains look gorgeous. Amazing three-dimensional panels, embroidered with satin ribbons, become a bright accent, enlivening rooms of various functional orientations.

Unusual decorative pillows for the sofa

Soft pillow of felt petals

Embroidery on decorative pillows

Bicycle strip

Handmade walking bag is perfect for lovers of outdoor activities.

The stunning beauty of panels, lampshades, candlesticks created using beads or beads. They are strung on a fishing line, intertwined in charming openwork patterns.

You can lay out the beaded tabletop of the coffee table, fixing the material on the glue and covering it with varnish.

Stitch free bead embroidery

Beautiful bird appliqué made of beads and sparkles

Dragonfly Bead DIY

Furniture renovation, garlands

You can update the coffee table using decoupage technique. To do this, you need to perform the following sequence of actions:

  1. To begin with, a wooden surface needs to be prepared. To do this, it is polished, after which the brush removes all dirt and dust.
  2. Next, the countertop is covered with acrylic white paint.
  3. Separate the top layer with a napkin from the napkin and place it on a dried surface.
  4. After that, gently soak the paper with PVA glue, smoothing all the folds towards the perimeter.
  5. After drying, the table top is covered with a layer of clear varnish.

In this technique it is easy to give a new sound to the dresser, flower pots, cabinets, vases. Used for decorating not only napkins, but also bright fragments carved from fabric, magazines, photographs.

Decoupage old furniture with paper napkins

The technique of transferring a picture to another surface can transform furniture beyond recognition.

A small layer of wax on the surface will make the product shine, protect it from moisture and light mechanical damage.

Original decoration of chairs themed drawings

An interesting texture to the surfaces is given by glued in the form of a continuous or fragmentary mosaic tiles tile, washed and dried eggshell, painted millet, coffee beans, watermelon seeds, apples.

The final effect is applying a varnish on the glued composition.

The original table of the coil from the cable

Scenic performance of children's stool

To make a child's room for your child more comfortable and safe, for her you can sew soft, comfortable and pleasant to touch ottomans:

  1. In the patchwork technique, two circles are sewn.
  2. Along the edges sew a strip of fabric.
  3. Stuff the product using foam rubber.
  4. A decorative handle is sewn in the top center.

Soft ottoman - an important element in the design of a child's room

Soft ottoman of multicolored caress

Gorgeous combination of black and white

Modern patchwork will find its application in any interior.

To zone the room, separating, for example, a fireplace corner from the living room, it is possible to place all kinds of декоративные гирлянды, развесив их в дверные проемы или на окна.

Elastic cords with stars, butterflies, flowers, and circles of various sizes cut out from foil will help to transform the design of the room. Old gramophone records that color and fasten metal rings to the canvas will also contribute to the interior decoration.

A garland of hearts will be a great decoration for a romantic holiday

You can decorate with paper garland not only the walls, but also the garden

Amazingly beautiful lanterns made by hand from plain paper

You can make a garland of colored paper for your birthday in just a few hours.

A variety of ideas for home crafts

There are a large number of technological methods for home needlework, which allow you to make the interior not only more decorative, but also functional.

Connecting the ends of thick branches with each other, they get a stand under the hot. Such a product can be made even from folded paper. The resulting strips are glued together in a spiral or form products in the form of a square, a diamond, a rectangle.

Stand made of wood cuts

By gluing smooth stones to a wooden or rubber base, you can get an original stand for the kettle

Even a photocopy technique is available for home crafts, which allows you to transfer pictures to fabric. To require the renewal of the fabric attached pattern face. On the reverse side it is pressed with an ironing press or iron, until the full image translation. It remains only to dry and iron the product.

You can purchase thermal transfer paper to transfer the pattern to the fabric at any specialized store.

In order for the pattern to be well fixed on the fabric, the pressing of the soleplate must be strong and uniform.

Sleeping on a pillow decorated with your own hands is doubly pleasant

From the usual glass bottle beautiful shape get unusual vases. To do this, the outer surface of the bottle, in a spiral, you need to tightly wrap a decorative rope, fixing it with glue.

If you don’t want to mess with the rope and glue, you can paint the bottles in bright colors, decorate them using decoupage technique or make an interesting painting on them.

Unusual design of vases from bottles

Bottles painted black look very impressive

A successful combination of black and white

A simple and concise vase from the bottle - will be an excellent gift for the second half

Space for creativity certainly provides: concrete, gypsum and clay. From these materials make unique stucco elements for interior decoration. They also create beautiful garden lamps, original vases, fancy candlesticks, exclusive figurines and other decor.Like handicraft creativity can become not only a great decoration for home interior, but also be useful in everyday life. For example, for safe movement around the local area at night, garden lamps can be placed along the paths and paths.

To give the product a rounded shape, most often used inflatable balloon

Stylish candlestick made of concrete

Amazingly beautiful candlestick in the form of a broken eggshell

It is very easy to make a beautiful vase using the papier-mâché technique

Homemade crafts is a fascinating activity. From the variety of ideas, it is easy to choose an option that is suitable for a particular interior in order to bring a touch of individuality in it in the form of an original homemade product.

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