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10 items on which bacteria are much larger than under the rim of the toilet bowl


Traditionally, the toilet is considered the dirtiest place in the house. This does not get tired to warn, even in commercials.

But in fact, in every home there are many supposedly clean places and objects that are actually much dirtier.

We have collected 10 household items that are a real collection of bacteria.

1. Desktop

Office table - a hotbed of bacteria.

There are 400 times more bacteria on the desktop in the office than under the rim of the toilet bowl.

2. Computer keyboard

Computer keyboard.

On the keyboard buttons bacteria is 200 times more than on the toilet seat. The multiplication of bacteria on the keyboard contributes to the habit of eating at your desk.

3. Mobile phones

Cell phones.

On the surface of mobile phones going bacteria 10 times more than on the surface of the toilet bowl. True, it is difficult to imagine a person who presses his cheek to the toilet.

4. Cutting board

Cutting board.

If you look at a cutting board under a microscope, then there are as many bacteria on it as if it was smeared with feces. This is because the level of fecal bacteria in raw meat is very high.

5. Carpets

Mites graze on the carpet (photo from an electron microscope).

Carpets are 4,000 times dirtier than the toilet seat. There are 200 thousand bacteria per square centimeter. Every hour, 1,500,000 skin cells fly around the body, which bacteria feed on the carpet.

6. Toothbrush

Toothbrush and bacteria living on it.

Bacteria can travel up to two meters and live up to 2 hours. Therefore, it is possible that after the hostess has cleaned the toilet, the bacteria will migrate to the toothbrush.

7. Door handles

Door handle - a hotbed of bacteria.

Hands are one of the dirtiest parts of the body. That is why up to 250 bacteria live on one square centimeter of this item.

8. Pillow

Pillow - a paradise for bacteria.

Dead skin cells, dust mites, fungal spores, pollen, and other body exudates — these unpleasant objects simply swarm on the pillow. But it is better not to think about it, otherwise the dream will not be so serene.

9. Money

Wash your hands after money!

Up to 200,000 bacteria can be on a single note. A good reason to wash your hands immediately after you paid in cash.

10 ladies handbag

Ladies handbag - a hotbed of bacteria.

Since they hold at least a phone and money in a handbag, it becomes just a real cluster of bacteria. Therefore, you need to clean the bag as often as possible.