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13 simple and effective ideas for creating a green garden at home


Most city dwellers admit that they would like to see more green foliage around them, and in winter such desires are exacerbated especially strongly.

One of the solutions to this problem can be the organization of a home garden right at home. We have collected 13 simple and effective ideas that will help create a cozy home garden in the home.

1. One big pot

A large pot of plants is the easiest way to build a home garden.

2. Hanging flower pots

Hanging flower pots when there is no space left on the floor.

3. Bookshelves turned into a garden

On the bookshelves you can store not only books, but also flowers.

4. Vertical wall garden

A wall mounted flower pot that looks very modern and perfectly complements the kitchen interior.

5. Plants in cups

Cups as flower pots are original and functional.

6. Garden on the eaves

Flower pots attached to the rail on hooks.

7. Home garden on wheels

Beautiful garden that can easily change its location.

8. System of several floating pots

For those who have at their disposal only one small corner of the apartment.

9. Garden with greenery growing directly in the kitchen

A useful garden in which you can grow a variety of furniture needed for cooking.

10. Bars for flower pots from IKEA

Simple enough, affordable and a great way to break the garden in the apartment.

11. Wall pots from downpipe parts

A great way to reuse an old drainpipe is to plant plants in it.

12. Flower pots in which plants grow roots up

Unusual flower pots that violate the laws of gravity.

13. Plants in banks