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Expensive purchases that really help save money


We purchase goods and services daily. And each time we decide what price we are willing to pay for them. When the price depends on the quality - it is logical and understandable. But if you have to choose between the usual budget option and an expensive new product, you inevitably think about it - is it necessary to overpay?

We have prepared for you a selection of things that will increase your standard of living and at the same time more than justify their value.

1. Coffee machine

Do you like coffee and do not miss the opportunity to order a fragrant cup in a coffee shop, but you still haven't got a coffee machine? Probably, you are discouraged by the considerable cost of this unit? Then let's count.

A cup of coffee costs from 130 to 250 rubles. Let's take an average cost of 200 rubles - 73,000 rubles a year come out (this is on the condition that you manage with 1 cup per day and nobody drinks coffee in the house). And the prices for home coffee machines begin in the region of 30,000 rubles.

That is, even taking into account the cost of food, electricity and maintenance, your home coffee shop will pay for itself within a year, after which you will receive a delicious drink at cost price (for an espresso it is about 8 rubles per serving).

2. Freezer

It would seem, what benefit can there be? Solid costs: on the purchase, on electricity ... Also, a place for this freezer must be found! For what?

Supermarkets often hold profitable stock, and if you have the opportunity to save products, you can purchase at reasonable prices for the next few months. We need vitamins all year round, and the price is green in season very different from its winter value. Meat and fish profitable to buy large volumes (for example, a whole salmon will cost you one and a half to two times cheaper than steaks of the same weight).

At first glance, it may seem that the mechanism that regulates the temperature of the water supplied in accordance with the given settings is a clear overkill. What prevents yourself to include warm water in the shower? Yes, and pay for this gadget will have 3-4 times more than for the usual mixer.

In fact, a thermostat is exactly the thing that can save money (a calculator will help you to save water and energy), because you no longer have to spend time fine-tuning the temperature of the shower. In addition, you can calmly turn off the water, while lathering: after switching it on, it will immediately be at the right temperature, and you will not freeze in the suds until you set up a comfortable water.

4. Induction Cooker

If we compare approximately equivalent in characteristics induction and electric cooktops from the same manufacturer, then the first will cost 2 times more. Is it worth it to overpay for a new-fashioned gadget?

Induction cookers have a very high efficiency - about 84% of the energy heats directly your food. For comparison, this indicator is 70% for an electric stove, and 40% for a gas stove. That is, the dishes are prepared faster, energy consumption is reduced. This is a direct economic benefit.

If we talk about the additional benefits, then remember that the induction stove does not work, if it does not have dishes of the appropriate size (i.e., even if you forget to turn it off, removing the kettle, the appliance will not waste the counter), but since the surface itself does not heat up, practically risk of burns is excluded and pay for the treatment of burns.

5. Seasonal tire change

Not only that winter tires are more expensive than the entire season, so it will also have to purchase summer tires with it - are such expenses justified?

In fact, even taking into account the cost of tire fitting services, seasonal tires will cost you less than universal tires, mainly due to the fact that all season tires have lower durability. Imagine shoes, in which you would go all year round: and not always comfortable, and traumatic, and will wear out faster.

But the main savings in the case of rubber is achieved by improving the safety of the car, "shod" for the season. After all, if it is colder outside than −10, the all-season is just dubeet, the grip is reduced and the car becomes less manageable. The cost of repairing an accidental car can make a serious dent in the budget, and it’s still good if only the car suffers.

6. LED bulbs

Another technology underestimated in everyday life - with all the advantages of LEDs, they are not as widespread as one would expect. The minus of such lamps is one - the high cost. In order not to bore you with detailed calculations, we give the main figures.

The price of an LED lamp is about 8 times higher than that of an ordinary incandescent lamp - of course, expensive. But at the same time our economical lamp consumes 10 times less electricity. And if you consider that the life of the LEDs is 10-25 thousand hours, and incandescent lamps - 1000 hours (that is, during the time that one modern lamp is lit, in the old one we will have to change the bulb about 20 times). It turns out that the LED lamp 7 times more economical familiar "old woman".

7. Energy-saving glass

Despite the fact that for the first time energy-saving coating on glass was applied in the 70s of the last century, most customers prefer to save on this item. This is not surprising, because the cost of a window with energy-saving glass increases by 50-80%. Does this make sense? Let's figure it out.

About 40% of heat loss in our homes accounts for glass. Remember how much you pay for heat - almost half of that money goes to street heating. Energy-saving deposition reduces the heat transfer of glass by 75-90% (depending on the type of coating).

Armed with a calculator and receipts for communal, you can easily calculate the possible savings. Include in this amount the electricity that you spend on additional heating of housing, as well as the amount that goes to the air conditioning of the room in the warm season, because energy-saving glass work both wayspreventing overheating of the window.

Do you have proven ways to save by getting the best? Share them in the comments - help us continue this list.