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How to quickly, efficiently and properly clean windows without staining


Today in the trading network you can pick up a lot of means for washing windows, advertising posters on the street and screen savers on the TV constantly convince us of the effective action of a certain drug. But almost all of them have the same composition, although complicated by recipes and flavors.

In addition, there are numerous napkins and accessories that, according to the manufacturers, will fully take on such responsible work. How quickly and without a divorce to wash the windows, which is better to use the compositions, while not overpaying for the brand, we will tell in this article. In addition, we will reveal the secrets of modern technology and innovative devices for cleaning windows.

The quality of work depends on the correct sequence of work.

Why often when washing the glass stains remain

The first advice that can be given to young housewives is to clean, including washing windows, only in a good mood. A few decades ago, our grandmothers did not have anything that is now offered in the trade, but their windows always shone with cleanliness. And the main advice: it is necessary to start work only in cloudy weather, preferably in windless weather. This is because the bright sun and strong wind will quickly dry any composition, and on the surface stains with a rainbow halo are formed.

Home and industrial glass cleaners

Today in the arsenal of housewives a large selection of people's councils and chemical compositions. If you decide how to wash the windows at home, use our advice.

How to wash windows without stains: a collection of popular recipes

If you are a supporter of folk remedies for washing windows without stains, it is advisable to use one of the following recipes.

Chalk can be bought at hardware stores

The better to wash windows without stains: choose household chemicals

When choosing household chemicals there is one rule - do not buy cheap money. They can immediately clean the glass well, but this will require repeated treatment.

This should know! The best cleaning product is the one that contains alcohol.

Before you wash the plastic window, you need to carefully examine the composition on the package. And you can also use the following drugs.

CompositionProcess description
Chalk or tooth powderDilute with water at a ratio of 1/3, soak a cloth in it, wipe the surfaces, wait until it dries. Then, with a dry cloth, remove the residue.
SalveDiluted in the ratio: 1 part of alcohol is taken for 10 parts of water.
Vinegar solutionAdd 40 g of vinegar to a liter of water, salt can be added to enhance the effect.
A drugComposition and description
"Mister Muscle"This is the most popular tool.
"Wedge"You should carefully study the composition, some drugs under this brand do not contain alcohol.
"Cif"Excellent price-quality ratio.
"Clean windows"One of the good means in the budget price segment.
Perfect tool for glass

How to wash windows without stains: features and rules of work

There are several rules on how to clean plastic windows without staining.

What tools are used for washing windows

In the old days, our grandmothers in the arsenal had several soft cloths and a wrinkled piece of newspaper, thus, at the cost of some effort, they brought cleanliness to the whole house. Now manufacturers produce many different things that greatly facilitate the life of the hostess. So, for washing windows you need to prepare the following items:

  • gloves;
  • napkin;
  • special sponge;
  • Capacity and means by which you will bring the glass in order.
Each housewife should have several universal napkins

Algorithm for washing windows without stains

During the harvest, if you want to achieve results from the first time, you need to strictly follow the rules of our instructions:

  1. Add some detergent to the water.
  2. To avoid streaks, soak a windowcloth in a liquid and wipe the entire frame around the perimeter.
  3. Replace the water to clean and once again walk on all surfaces.
  4. Replace the water again, this portion will be needed to clean the glass on both sides.
  5. If you decide further, the better to wash the plastic windows without staining, use any chemical composition or folk recipes.
  6. With a napkin at the end of the process, you need to wipe the window sill and frame again.
Final processing of glass

3 tips on how and what you can wash the frames of plastic windows at home

Now many have replaced wooden frames with plastic ones. It is easier to care for them, the smooth surface is easy to clean, and with our advice you can bring the process to perfect perfection. If you do not know what and how to wash plastic windows, use certain rules:

  1. Do not use abrasives during cleaning to avoid scratching.
  2. For work, you should use soft cloths and napkins that will not harm the accessories.
  3. To protect the glass from flies, you can wipe them with a solution of vinegar and do not rinse, salt composition, which is applied in a similar way, can help against freezing, and make a mixture of 20 parts of alcohol and 1 part of glycerin from fogging.
Use a soft cloth to wipe all internal surfaces of the frame.

How to wash wooden windows quickly and without stains

To clean wooden windows need to approach a little differently. They do not like excessive moisture, so they are wiped with lightly moistened wipes, it is also better to refuse acidic or aggressive formulations. Be sure to wipe the surface dry after cleaning with a cloth.

To clean the wooden frame using linen cloth

4 rules on how to wash windows quickly and without staining

To avoid stains on the glass surface and keep it clean for a long time, use the following tips:

  • rub it dry glass need a smooth circular motion;
  • work from top to bottom;
  • in the final stage, polish the glass with a crumpled newspaper, suede cloth or a special napkin;
  • To preserve the result of your work for a long time, wipe the glass with a composition of glycerin and water.
Microfiber glass polishing

Modern technology for washing windows without stains

Wash glass is quite simple if it is one or more, and they are on the lower floors. And how to be tenants of high-rise buildings or owners of cottages. For such cases, manufacturers offer special tools and equipment, with which you can in a short time to put in order all surfaces.

Magnetic brushes for efficient washing of the window outside and inside

First of all, you need to pay attention to the magnetic brushes. They perfectly wash all smooth surfaces, but their disadvantage is the corners, they will not be able to thoroughly clean the devices. The device consists of 2 brushes that hold each other with magnets.

Before work, you need to moisten the nozzles in a solution with a washing liquid, after which one brush should be installed outside, and the second one - from the inside. Rubbing the surface manually from the inside, at the same time the external device will perform similar actions.

Note! When buying, specify the power of the magnets, it is important that their strength is enough to hold the brushes in double or triple glazing.

The principle of operation of magnetic brushes

Test the robot and the wiper

The robot is perceived by many as an adaptation from the future, and it costs a lot. True, it proves its effectiveness in difficult areas and shows excellent quality. It should be fixed on the window surface with a vacuum pump, it will perform all further actions independently. You can choose a two-sided model, which simultaneously washes the window on both sides.

Window cleaning robot

Feedback on the robot:


One of the first wipers was developed by the manufacturer Kärcher, and later Chinese manufacturers began to produce them in large quantities. If you are thinking about how to wash windows with a mop to clean windows, we suggest that you look at Karcher, only he has a special device in the set that you can use to reach the most distant places. Completeness wipers from different manufacturers may vary. For example, it offers a double water tank, a nozzle with a rotary action.

Wiper Karcher

What is better for washing windows: a steam cleaner or a washing vacuum cleaner

It is necessary to say about one more gadget - a window vacuum cleaner - this is the most innovative option for washing windows. The device regulates the flow of fluid and the intensity of cleaning, in addition, it can work both from the network and from the battery. With it, you can clean any smooth surface.

Wash vacuum cleaner for glass

Steam cleaner

This is a universal device not only for glass, it will be a good helper for any home cleaning. It is important when making sure that the window brush is included. The washing algorithm is as follows:

  1. In a special container you need to pour water.
  2. Put on the nozzle and turn on the device.
  3. Steam to treat the surface, then scraper to remove moisture.

The steam cleaner additionally disinfects surfaces.

Steam Cleaner for Glass


The hostess should know alternative methods for cleaning glass from pollution, besides it is a significant savings in the family budget. With the help of an integrated approach, she will be able to achieve maximum quality, and transparent glass will sparkle in the sun and fill the apartment with warmth. And the result of this is a good mood and the hostess, and the whole family.

Tell us in the comments what method you use for washing glasses, or in your family interesting folk recipes are passed down from generation to generation, share them with our readers. And in conclusion, we offer to watch a video in which the most effective options are clearly demonstrated.

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