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18 reasons to have on hand a bar of soap that will easily cope with troublesome trifles around the house


Even if someone is a fan of liquid soap, do not forget about the usual "old-fashioned" lumpy soap, because you can use it to do some pretty amazing "tricks" at home.

And if you want, then you can even make a liquid one of lumpy soap. Therefore, you just need to choose your favorite brand and fragrance and carefully read the 18 reasons why you should always have a bar of soap on hand.

1. “Repair” badly opening drawers and sliding doors

Fix bad opening boxes and doors.

When the drawers or sliding doors stop opening smoothly, the soap can solve the problem. It is necessary to wipe the edges of the drawers or doorways with soap, after which they will open more easily.

2. Refresh dressers, cabinets, suitcases and cars

Always fresh smell.

Before using lumpy soap for all of the lifehacks below, you can get double benefit from it by holding fragrant bars of soap in dressers, cabinets, suitcases, and car for several days to add freshness. It is necessary to wrap the pieces of soap with a small amount of cloth (the old washcloth will work well too). This tip works great in the case of foul-smelling shoes.

3. Simplify the assembly of furniture

Soap - the perfect tool for marking.

Regardless of whether you are a professional carpenter or simply trying to assemble an IKEA bookcase, it is sometimes quite difficult to twist the screws into wood. To make it easier, you can cover the screw threads with a small amount of soap. In the workshop you can use a piece of soap to make marks for cutting, which will then be easy to erase.

4. Hide the wall flaws

And the wall will be perfect.

If there are small holes left in the wall after painting the pictures to another place, they can be covered with a piece of soap corresponding to the color of the wall. You need to rub a piece over the hole so that the soap fills it.

Soap against paint.

When you need to paint, for example, the frame of the mirror or the frame of the window, you should wipe the glass next to the frame. If a little paint gets on the glass, the soap will simplify its removal, and it will be much easier than removing the paint from the glass.

6. Loosen the tight lock

Soap will help!

If the door lock is too tight, you can handle the key from it with a dry piece of soap to cover the surface of the lock from the inside. You need to insert the soaped key into the lock and turn it several times. The door after that will be easier to open.

7. Prevent fogging of mirrors and glasses

Soap against fogging.

Few people like a mirror that has become soaked after a hot shower, and soap can solve this problem. When the mirror is completely dry, you need to wipe it with soap. It is not necessary to wet the glass with water, you must use a dry soap. This works well in the case of points.

8. Remove the creaking.

Soap for silence in the house.

A bar of soap will help fix the problem with creaking door hinges and floorboards. You just need to wipe the edges of the creaking areas with a bar of dry soap. If it does not disappear, you need to repeat everything.

9. Determine leakage.

Soap will help identify any leaks.

If you can’t determine where the air from the tire or the water from the pool for children seeps in, you can wet a piece of soap with water and wipe the suspicious areas with it. A soap film will create a bubble where air is trickling. Similarly, you can accurately determine the dangerous gas leakage.

10. Protect your furniture from pets

Soap against cats.

As you can guess, pets do not like the taste of soap. If there is a restless puppy, rabbit or ferret chewing at home, you can rub the edges and legs of wooden furniture with soap to prevent damage.

11. Simplify washing dirty hands

And more soap under the nails.

Before you dig in the ground in the garden or repair a dirty car, you need to scrape the nails with your nails. The soap will prevent soil or grease from getting under your nails, and will then make it easier to wash dirty hands.

12. Protect your plants

Only organic protection.

If you hang a piece of soap on the bushes, it will help get rid of bugs. To do this, you can use a mesh bag or an old pair of tights. You can also rub the lower part of the indoor plants with a moistened piece of soap to get rid of aphids and other pests.

13. Simplify the cleaning of dishes during a picnic or camping

And do not forget to rub the iron with soap.

Before you put the iron or aluminum griddle on an open fire, you can rub its bottom with a moistened piece of soap. This will make soot cleaning much easier.

14. Undo the zipper.

Soap will solve the problem even the most tight lightning.

If lightning sticks, you can wipe her teeth with a dry piece of soap. This will facilitate lightning glide.

15. Soap for a cut

Soap - a handy extra tool for needlework.

To facilitate sewing, dry soap can be used to mark seams. You can also make a piece of soap wrapped in a cloth from a piece of soap. If the needles are lightly soaped, they will pierce the fabric more easily.

16. Remove stubborn stains.

Choose soap without scrub and air conditioning.

Although there are special soaps, such as Zote and Fels Naptha, which help remove stains, in fact, almost any soap can be used to treat oily and dirty stains. You need to choose a brand without additional air conditioning and scrub.

17. Make your own liquid soap.

Liquid soap with your own hands.

You can save some money by making your own liquid soap. To do this, use a hand grater, on which to rub 100 - 120 grams of soap, then mix them with four cups of boiling water, stir until the soap has dissolved, allow to cool completely and pour the dough into the dispenser. Store such homemade soap in a cool place and shake the dispenser well before use.

18. Make homemade laundry powder

Very effective tool.

Soap is an essential component of a homemade laundry disinfectant. Just need to add a little washing soda, borax and baking soda to the soap.