Useful ideas

16 ideas of interior decor, for the realization of which you need only a little imagination and skill


Our apartments affect us sometimes in unexpected ways. Scientists have found that abstract thinking is better for people in rooms with high ceilings, and owners of domestic plants more often help others. We have not had time to conduct our own research, but we are sure: the things from this collection will change the apartment and its residents for the better.

We have collected 16 atmospheric interior items that will make your room special. Most of them can be done by hand in one free evening.

1. Large-knit plaid

Thick yarn plaid is a stylish and cozy interior detail, and it is also very warm and pleasant to the touch. And most importantly - it is easy to tie it with your own hands, that is, literally with your hands, and not with the help of knitting needles.

2. Hand painted wall

Dreams of traveling to the heights in such a bedroom are guaranteed. At the same time, you do not even need to be able to draw to replicate this mountain landscape at home.

3. The lamp of wooden sticks

Who said design lamp is expensive? You can make an inexpensive night light with your own hands - just a little imagination and wooden sticks are enough.

4. Open clothes hanger

Why hide bright clothes in the closet? Let her decorate the room, and a homemade wooden hanger will add to the interior of the charm of a country house.

5. Asymmetrical shelving

This rack is assembled from storage boxes connected with stationery clips, and delicate pastel colors give it a special charm. Want to update the interior? It is enough to swap sections.

6. Flowers above the bed

Gentle decoration for the head of the bed is easy to make from artificial flowers. On plain wallpaper looks very stylish and appropriate.

7. "Honeycomb" on the wall

Skillfully chosen colors plus stylish shelves-hexagons - and a spectacular wall is ready.

8. Vintage shelving

Do not rush to throw away old window frames after repairs. From wooden frames and mosquito nets that have become worthless, you can make such an elegant retroshellage.

9. Pictures on the hoop

What to do if the passion for embroidery has passed, and unnecessary hoops and lying in the closet? You can put them into the business by inserting pieces of fabric with a beautiful print inside and hanging them on the wall.

10. Bright table lamp

Another use of the remnants of bright fabric: they can be used to decorate an old lamp in 10 minutes.

11. Stool with knitted upholstery

You can update the upholstery of a chair or stool using an old sweater, and decorate a flower pot with the remaining material.

12. Things in oriental style

Check your bins: perhaps the funniest lamp or the too bright pillow that you once brought as a souvenir will now seem like a great addition to the interior. And if nothing is found, you can create an oriental flavor with your own hands.

13. Multicolored Shelves

I want to put all my favorite things on these shelves: awards, souvenirs or a collection of superheroes dear to my heart. At the same time, the color stain on the wall does not look out of place due to the harmonious combination of shades.

14. Rainbow curtains

Do you have windows facing north? It does not matter - you can create a sunny mood with your own hands with the help of light rainbow curtains.

15. Bed-table

Ornamental plants definitely cheer up, and drinking coffee at such a table is doubly pleasant. A pot with plants can be easily removed and replaced with something more practical, such as a bottle of drinks, if you are waiting for a group of friends.

16. Flower vases of light bulbs

From a burned-out incandescent lamp, you get a compact vase or flower pot. Several of these vases - and the room will look like a summer, even in harsh winter.

Well, I wanted to update the familiar atmosphere? What item from our collection liked the most?