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10 unexpected ways to decorate a place above kitchen cabinets


In any house there are places that are usually ignored in terms of decor. In particular, this includes the wall next to the entrance door and the space above the kitchen cabinets.

If someone wants to add style to their kitchen, this space above the cabinets will come in handy as well as possible. In fact, there are many possibilities for decorating this space: from old oil paintings to a storage warehouse.

1. Set up the collection

Beautiful exhibition gallery.

Surely, many have a favorite collection that collects dust on the mezzanine or in the closet. If there has not yet been a place to show it, you should look at the space above the kitchen cabinets. It fits perfectly dishes, vases and even books. In this example, a collection of white ceramic jugs with sprigs of artificial flowers in them for additional decor was displayed on the lockers.

2. Hang vintage decoration items

Grandmother's utensils.

If there is enough space in the kitchen, it is also possible to hang various cute objects above the cabinets. Regardless of whether it is family photos, mirrors, small macrame or even vintage pots, the extra space on the wall above the cabinets is amazingly suitable for any type of wall art.

3. Glass interior elements

Glass always looks original.

When installing a new kitchen cabinet, you should consider purchasing a model with glass doors. Included with the lighting, these cabinets look like some illuminated niches that highlight special decorative items, including plates and vases.

4. Place for dishes

Extra space for dishes.

In every kitchen there are many plates, cups, pots, pans and other dishes. You can be very creative with them. The space above the cabinets can be used as a place to store items such as rolls of paper towels, cake molds and trays.

5. Sign "The most delicious tea"

For lovers of long tea.

Ornaments above kitchen cabinets are an element that is often found in village houses, where warm, hearty decor literally fills the space. The sign "The most delicious tea" in this example is perfectly combined with bouquets of expensive artificial flowers.

6. Inner garden

Greens do not happen much.

In ordinary apartments (especially small ones) it can be difficult to find a place for an internal garden. But as the designers proved, the space above the cabinets is an ideal place for a similar element of decor. In this case, it is imperative to acquire plants that do not require a large amount of sunlight.

7. Tall items

Vases in the kitchen are also good.

If there is a lot of free space between kitchen cabinets and the ceiling, then you can place rather tall decorative objects there. For example, high ceramic vases work well.

8. Corner for storage

Additional storage systems.

The space above the cupboards can be used for a specific purpose. For example, in this case, the designer used secluded corners above her lockers to place baskets in them. This provided extra storage space in the kitchen. In these baskets you can keep small items, and they look great against the white cabinets.

9. Artificial plants

If fresh flowers do not grow.

The space above the cabinets usually looks "bare" and uninteresting. Every kitchen needs a decor, so why not use this place. If the kitchen is clearly not enough greenery, you can buy several artificial plants (IKEA is a great place to find them), put them in pots and set them on the cabinets. They are perfectly combined with other artificial greens on the dining table.

10. Art Gallery

For art fans.

The wall gallery is always a classic decorative element that can be brought to any home. For example, paintings in dark frames will be perfectly combined with dark wood cabinets.