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10 sure tips with which washing will be much more efficient

It would seem that with the advent of automatic washing machines, housewives should have less headaches about dirty stains.

However, it is not.

After all, each type of fabric requires a special relationship to itself.

We collected 10 super stunts with which washing will be much more efficient.

1. Grayed clothing

Wash white items that are gray or yellowed.

A mixture of ammonia sleeping and powder will help return the whiteness to the grayed things. Several such washing sessions will help cool refresh the color of old clothes.

2. Synthetic clothing

Caring for synthetics.

Clothes from synthetics should be washed more often than the one made from natural fabrics. After 3-4 days a large amount of dust accumulates on synthetic things, as well as sebum and sweat, which accumulate inside due to low hygroscopicity.

3. Lost brightness

The brightness of colored things.

2-3 tablespoons of salt added to the powder during the washing will help to return the color brightness to the colored clothes.

4. Terry bathrobes and towels

Return the softness of terry products.

If terry robes and towels have lost their softness, hold them after washing in warm water with the addition of regular table salt, and then iron them.

5. Track from the iron

Track from the hot iron.

If things left a mark on the iron, do not rush to send it to the scrap. Moisten the cloth with cold water, and then rub the affected area with a solution of one teaspoon of chlorine and a glass of water.

6. Dirty light socks

Wash light socks.

Any hostess knows that it is almost impossible to wash dirty light socks to perfect condition. But if you still can not accept the dirt, soak them for a couple of hours in water with the addition of a few spoons of boric acid, and then wash them in the usual way.

7. Wash small items

Wash small items in the package.

If you need to wash small things: socks, tights or underwear, use the zip-package. Put some things in there, pour some water in, pour the powder and knead the bag with your hands for a few minutes. After doing the same thing, but in pure water. This method is suitable for both marching and home washing.

8. Stains on silk

Grease stains on silk items.

To wipe the stains on silk products will help dry mustard. One tablespoon of powder needs to be filled in with a small amount of water and stirred to the state of porridge. Grind the resulting substance through cheesecloth, dilute in 10 liters of water and let it brew for 2-3 hours. Apply the prepared solution to the contaminated area and rub it thoroughly, then wash it in water with the addition of ammonia.

9. Wool products

Delicate washing of wool products.

Products made of wool are best washed with hands in warm water with the addition of 1 teaspoon of glycerin. This trick will make them even softer and help keep their shape.

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10. Effective wash

Foil balls in the washing machine.

It is quite difficult to wipe out complex old stains in the washing machine. Homemade balls made from ordinary aluminum foil will help make the wash much more efficient. Aluminum reduces static electricity, enhancing the effect of detergent. In addition, the balls create additional friction and the stains are washed much better.