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15 almost perfect solutions for the care of clothes and shoes that will eliminate the minor inconveniences


Perhaps, ever since the man began to wear clothes, he began to take care of her cleanliness and appearance. Today it is difficult to say whether the primitive man had special problems with the appearance of the mammoth skin, which he covered, but the modern man is worried about a lot of wardrobe problems - some spots on the blouse appeared, some shoes are not in size, the smell of T-shirts is not quite fresh.

How to solve such issues successfully is in this review.

1. Colorless varnish and buttons

For perfect buttons.

Cover the buttons of the shirt or dress with clear varnish, and they will fasten much easier, not clinging to clothes.

2. Socks and boots

Just wear socks.

If you put the trousers on in your socks before putting on long boots or boots, you can be sure that the trousers' overshoes will not go out. And the legs are certainly not frozen.

3. Eraser against stains

The most common eraser.

To clean the stains from suede shoes will help the most that the usual eraser, which is used by schoolchildren and draftsmen.

4. The pin against the big t-shirt

Fashion life hacking.

If the shirt is large in size, the situation can be corrected with the help of the most ordinary safety pin. After a simple manipulation, you can get quite a stylish outfit.

5. Vodka against sweat

Vodka is refreshing.

On a hot summer day, nothing is as refreshing as a glass of vodka. Just do not need to take it inside! It is enough to dissolve the hot drink with water and process the clothes from the dispenser.

6. Pumice instead of dry cleaning

The main thing is not to overdo it!

If the lapels of winter clothes are oily, then pumice stone will save the situation. It is enough to rub her problem areas, but the main thing here is not to overdo it.

7. Baking soda

We return whites to shoes.

Perhaps, every fan of sports shoes faced a problem when the socks of the shoe lose their whiteness. To return them to their original state, you need to mix the baking soda with hydrogen peroxide and treat the problem areas with this mixture.

8. Zipper on the lock

Reliable and easy.

In order to prevent the zipper on the jeans from unfastening at the most inopportune moment, it is enough to attach a key ring to its tongue and hook it to a button.

9.And bra is not visible

For lovely ladies.

If you make a loop on the bra strap, you can not worry about the straps will look out from under the dress.

10. Extra dry

One dry towel will solve the problem of raw clothes.

Quickly dry wet clothes can be, if you throw a dry terry towel into the washing machine drum and turn on the spinner.

11. Removing stains from shoes

Bringing youth shoes.

Remove stains from your shoes by treating them with vinegar.

12.If the lightning is stuck

And the clothes are intact.

Everyone was in such a situation, but not everyone knows how to get out of it without loss. And all you need to do is handle the zipper with Vaseline.

13. Right trouser hanger.

So that the pants do not jump off.

So that the trousers do not slide off the hanger, all you need is to fix the foam roller on the cross member.

14. Tight shoes

And to shoes in size.

Stretch new shoes will help warm socks. You need to put them on wet feet, then put on shoes and wait for the socks to dry.

15.Ideal wash

and nothing sheds.

When soaking clothes of different colors, you need to add vinegar to the water and you can not worry that something from the soaked clothes "let the color."