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Why not keep old rags at home, and 10 more "harmless" things that can be a big threat


My home is my castle. Even if the "fortress" is a removable or stormed harsh mortgage. By this principle, millions of people live. But, as history shows, even in a strong castle behind a stone wall and a moat you can find a vulnerable spot.

What to say about modern apartments. Why do we need to quickly get rid of old rags, rearrange the sofa in the hall and not use the "adapters", find out below.

For a fire do not need cigarettes and lighters.

The house should be as safe as possible. Alas, even in the most comfortable dwelling a hidden threat lurked. And even as many as 10. For example, things from this list: they can cause a fire, and moreover, are not as obvious as an extinguished cigarette. Maybe it's time to conduct a serious audit and throw them out of harm's way?

1. Old rags

Things in the house that could cause a fire: dirty rags.

Especially those with which you wiped the stove, dirt from your favorite car or polished wooden furniture. In all the above cases, the fabric probably left traces of fat in one form or another. And it is potentially flammable. And just a spark is enough for a flame to flare up. That is why it is better to use disposable wipes for cleaning or to carefully wash a rag / sponge after each use.

2. Laptop

Things in the house that could cause a fire: a laptop.

Especially old. Especially if you like to google funny videos with kittens (and not only) or watch "Game of Thrones" right in the bed. Any "loaded" laptop that heats up actively, and it also stands on an airtight surface - a potential fire hazard. That is why it is better to make an investment in your own safety and buy a laptop stand.

3. "Wrong" light bulbs

Things in the house that could cause a fire: light bulbs.

It seems that in the year number 2018 not everyone knows that light bulbs are different. What happens if a 60 watt lamp is inserted into a lamp holder for 40? Obviously nothing good. And also at great risk of fire. So be careful and try not to confuse.

4. Too many "adapters"

Things in the house that could cause a fire: an adapter.

Yes, outlets in the house may be sorely missed for laptops and iPhones of all family members. So the adapter with additional connectors has long been settled in every second apartment. But remember that too many devices connected to the mains supply at the same time can cause overload and short-circuiting. And this is one of the most common causes of a residential fire. Leaving the house, you do not forget to turn off the iron? So with all the gadgets better to do the same.

5. Dust

Things in the house that could cause a fire: dust.

Especially if it beneficially accumulates on the outer (and inner!) Surface of household appliances. Because the dust burns no worse than paper or wood. So cleanliness in the house is a matter of not only comfort and upbringing, but also security.

6. Washing machine

Things in the house that could cause a fire: a washing machine.

One of the most common causes of breakdowns among washing machines experts call fibers and fragments of fabric that accumulate in abundance on the surface of the filter (drainage catcher). They can also lead to a short circuit. So, take care of cleaning at least once in 2-4 months or after each wash of pillows and things from natural wool. They "shed" most of all.

7. Extraction in the kitchen

Things in the house that could cause a fire: kitchen hood.

"On duty" extract actively collects particles of fat, oil after each frying and other by-products of your culinary experiments. Fat + proximity of fire / high temperature source = fire hazard. Output: do not stint on the induction cooker, and clean the hood itself every one and a half to two months.

8. Old batteries

Things in the house that could cause a fire: batteries.

And new batteries too. Especially if you store them (anywhere) in close proximity with metal objects: knives, forks, coins, etc. You can not part with the batteries? Then, before storing it in a long box, at least attach a piece of electrical tape to both ends. And it is better to take them more often to special collection points for recycling.

9. Pests

Things in the house that could cause a fire: rodents.

Okay, cockroaches are not yet so dangerous (although they are nasty!), But the mice are still potential arsonists. And for this they don’t even need to give a cigarette lighter. The habit of nibbling can easily extend to the wiring. Increased appetite for which and the desire to try "on teeth" will most likely lead to a closure. Well, from the circuit to the fire - it is one spark. So when detecting the first traces of rodents, immediately call the experts.

10. Unsuccessfully arranged furniture

Things in the house that could cause a fire: furniture near the heaters.

Favorite chair is always moved closer to the battery, so that it is warmer, and the tree just must flaunt in front of the window? Remove them immediately! The golden rule of fire safety: nothing should stand right next to heaters. Especially if this “something” is made of wood. If you accidentally set up some of the rooms, it is better to make a permutation. Because winter is near and the heating season too. And with it increased risks.