Useful ideas

Useful solutions that will help make cooking much faster

Today we have collected some useful tips that will be useful to any hostess in the kitchen.

It may seem to one that everything is elementary simple, while others will argue that they would never have thought of it before. In general, everything is simple and clear.

1. Fragrant towels

Flavored towels.

Put some flavored oil on a cotton pad and place it in a cupboard with towels. A light fragrance will fill the closed cabinet, and kitchen towels will smell just magically.

2. Beat off meat

Carefully repel meat.

Fight off the meat, carefully packing it in a plastic bag. In this way, you protect walls and surrounding surfaces from splashes and meat fibers.

3. Milk for cappuccino

Beat the milk.

To beat milk for cappuccino, it is not necessary to buy expensive equipment. Just pour a portion of milk into the bottle, heat it up a little in the microwave, stir vigorously and pour it into the cup. The result is a dense thick foam, similar to the one that makes a coffee machine.

4. Protection boards

Protection dosochek from odors.

Wrap wooden boards with cling film before you start cutting fish. This will protect the porous material from germs and odors, and accordingly prolong the life of the dosochka.

5. Hermetic packaging

Hermetic packing of cereals.

Protect cereals, sugar and other bulk products from moisture will help hermetic packaging, which is easy to do with your own hands. For this you need only a bag and a neck from a plastic bottle with a cap. Pour the cereal into the bag, run its edges through the hole in the neck, straighten and twist the cap.

6. Portion Tomato Paste

Tomato paste in an ice mold.

Spread the tomato paste in the ice mold and freeze. Pasta cubes can be put in plates with mashed potatoes, pasta and porridge before warming.

7. Complicated pollution

Cleaning of difficult pollution.

If you find that the pan or pan is very dirty, and there is no metal sponge on hand, replace it with foil. Just wrinkle the foil into a ball and carefully rub the contaminated areas. Just remember that this method is absolutely not suitable for cleaning Teflon coatings.

8. Fresh greens

Storage of fresh greens.

So that the greens do not fade in the fridge, before you put it there, carry out a series of simple manipulations. Thoroughly wash the leaves, dry a little, fold into a bag, cover with a paper towel on top, close the bag and put in the refrigerator.

9. Rusks

Stale bread.

Stale bread can be used to make delicious homemade crackers. Just cut the bread into cubes and dry in the oven, you can also use spices to taste. Homemade croutons will be an excellent addition to first courses and salads.

10. Garbage bag

Package for small debris.

In order not to go to the bin all the time, use an extra bag while cooking. Fasten it on the handle of one of the cabinets and put in it cleaning vegetables, pieces of packaging and other small garbage.

11. Hidden work surface

Additional working surface.

Any drawer can be an additional work surface in the kitchen. To do this, you just need to push and put a cutting board on top. This trick is great to help out when you need to quickly cut something or put one of the pots.

12. Frost stuffing

Literate freezing minced meat.

Never freeze minced lumps. Better to roll it in a bag to a state of thin pancake and, in this form, put it in the freezer. Stuffing in such a package does not take up much space, and when the cooking time comes, it will defrost in less than half an hour.

13. Stickers

Stickers on the packages.

In order not to rummage for half an hour in the filled freezer in search of the necessary product, use stickers. They can write the name of the product and the time of purchase. Such a trick will always let you know what is in your refrigerator and control the shelf life.

14. Fixing the package

Fixing a pact for garbage.

A pair of binders at the edges of the bin will not allow the bag to slip inside. For the same purpose, you can use the gum for money.

15. Melt the butter

Quickly melt the butter.

There is a little trick that allows you to quickly melt chilled or frozen butter. Just put a piece of butter under the heated glass. After a few minutes, the top layer will become soft and it can be easily spread on bread.

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