Useful ideas

The interior design of a small kitchen, or How a few square meters shine in a new way


Unfortunately, only a few can boast that they have a spacious kitchen. In most cases, the average person has to huddle in a small area, part of which is occupied by a kitchenette of 6-7 square meters, where there is really no place to turn around, let alone to place at least something.

But you want so much and the kitchen table, and stools, and cabinets with various jars, sklyanochkami, and home appliances to put, so much so that it was spacious and everything you need was at hand, without littering the already small space.

1. Focus on white

White is the best friend of a small kitchen.

It reflects the light, enhancing the feeling of spaciousness, and visually expands the walls.

If you use it not only in decoration, but pick up furniture in white color, it will seem that the space has no boundaries at all.

To make the interior of a small kitchen not seem too sterile, use several shades of white and combine different textures.

For example, kitchen facades can be glossy, walls and cabinets can be frosted.

The space, decorated in bright colors, always seems to be neater motley interiors.

2. Furniture for a small kitchen

The perfect solution would be a transparent dining table.

It is very important that the furniture is roomy, but the main thing here is not to overdo it with the furnishings - they should be as small as possible.

Mobile mini-tables as an additional working area are also very convenient and practical in the household.

For a small-sized kitchen, the best option would be oval or round shapes, which by themselves do not provide for clear, even lines, which makes the room wider and more spacious.

Many prefer folding or sliding tables. This is very practical, because when 2-3 people dine in the kitchen, a compact table is quite enough.

3. Original storage ideas

Ideal placement of cutlery.

Select one box under the jars of spices.

An excellent solution is to allocate a place for washing practically above the floor.

Original and convenient shelf dryer.

Spacious wardrobe with compartments for dishes.

Cabinet for storing various plates.

Convenient and practical mini-boxes for any small things that may be needed at any moment.

Retractable shelf.

Capacious box under various loose.

4. Decor and textiles

Try to leave as much natural light as possible.

Give up bulky curtains, choose light air curtains, Roman or roller blinds.

Hang the cornice just above the window. Thus, it will seem to reach up, and the ceiling will seem taller.

Dilute the monochrome kitchen interior with a small flower pot with a pretty plant.

Small décor elements, minimal color, clear borders and good lighting give a feeling of unlimited space.

Original glass vases.

6. Lighting

Visually expand the room will help point bright lights, located around the perimeter of the ceiling, as well as above the wall cabinets and shelves.

A great choice is multi-lamp models that evenly distribute light over the dining and working table.

Alternatively, a bright accent in lighting can be made on the chandelier.

The original idea of ​​lighting the kitchen with a soft diffused light.