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17 brilliant tips with which you can cook like a real cook


Every professional chef has his own secrets.

By learning even some of them, you can significantly improve your culinary skills. Thanks to these tips you can cook new dishes much easier and faster.

1.Bacon can be stored frozen for a very long time.

Bacon is often needed for cooking in very small quantities. Do not think where to adapt the remaining pieces. Cut them and wrap in rolls. Put on a baking sheet or any flat shape, pre-sending the bottom with parchment paper. When the bacon freezes, put it in a bag and store it in the freezer until it is needed again.

2. Bake eggs in the oven

Egg yolk, although useful, contains animal fats. If you want your favorite dish to become easier, just give up the usual frying in a lot of oil. Pick a baking dish, most convenient for baking cupcakes. It should be quite a bit greased, or sprinkle with a special spray. Eggs will be just as tasty, but your breakfast will be more beneficial for the figure.

3. Lollipops with their own hands

Kids love lollipops much more than regular candy. Instead of overpaying for a brand, make a comfortable sweet out of simple inexpensive sweets. Choose those based on natural ingredients. Put ordinary candies of different colors on parchment paper to form large candy. Try on where exactly you put the sticks later. Put the candy in the oven (remove the sticks!). After the caramel has melted, remove the candies and insert the sticks.

4. Marinate the fish in the yoghurt.

Even the fattest fish, such as salmon or salmon, may seem dryish after baking. Instead of pouring red fish with sour cream or mayonnaise, soak it in yogurt. This useful product will make the salmon softer and softer, without adding excess fat. It is best to use thick Greek yogurt.

Today it is difficult to surprise guests with an ordinary ice cream. Add to your ice cream your favorite chocolates or candy bars, and it will sparkle with new colors. To do this, cut the candy into large pieces, and then whisk together with ice cream. Arrange the ice cream in portioned vases and decorate with chocolate pieces. If you want to make the dessert even more refined, pour honey over the ice cream.

6. Spaghetti Cupcakes

Instead of heating the cooled spaghetti, bake them in a cake pan with healthy vegetables. You can add some cheese or cream sauce. This cupcake can be an excellent snack or main course.

7. Learn to do without a double boiler.

If you cook chicken, fish or vegetables in parchment paper, after having been abundantly moistened with water, they will turn out to be steam. Cook at a temperature not higher than 180 degrees, and all the vitamins will be preserved.

8. Freeze baking

A great option in case of a sudden arrival of guests. Prepare the cake in advance, and simply send it to the oven when necessary. This cake will be baked evenly, because the filling will not soak the raw dough. At that moment, when the cake filler melts, the edges are almost ready.

9. Bake potatoes with other vegetables.

Instead of once again arguing about who will be peeling potatoes, just bake it. Wash the tubers and cut them in half. Add salt, spices and a little olive oil. Together with the potatoes, you can bake halves of onions and carrots. In 30-40 minutes the most delicious dish is ready.

10. Cook the pasta in the pan

Pasta prepared from spaghetti, cooked to half-cooked. After mixing with sauce and vegetables, the dish should be brought to the final state very quickly. Therefore, choose a flat and wide utensils, which quickly heats up.

11. Chopped onions can be frozen

Instead of shedding tears while cooking, entrust the onion slicing process to a food processor. Of course, for the sake of a pair of bulbs, it is not very convenient to start it. But you can freeze the onions on a baking sheet in the freezer, and then decompose into packing bags. Onion for salads still have to cut fresh, and for hot dishes, ice cream will be just right.

12. Freeze the marinated chicken and meat.

Make preparations in advance, and at the right time you can very quickly make a delicious dinner. Chicken breast, legs or slices of meat pickle in your favorite sauce for an hour. After that, send the workpiece in the freezer. Thawed meat will be soft and juicy.

13. Corn chips in the oven

Chips can be made from corn tortillas. Just cut them into triangles and bake at a high temperature for 8-10 minutes. Separately prepare the salsa sauce, which perfectly complements the dish.

14. Learn to cook poached eggs

It is in this form that eggs are added to snacks and salads in the finest restaurants in the world. A fresh egg is driven into a measuring cup. In a saucepan, boil water with a little vinegar and salt. Stir boiling water in a long spoon in a circle to form a funnel. Pour the egg into it, continuing to mix for a few seconds after that. Boil an egg for 5-7 minutes, and then remove with a slotted spoon.

15. Bake an omelet in the oven.

It is convenient to bake in the oven, not only with the eggs, but also the omelette. Pick for this pan the right size. Cut the finished dish with cookie cutters. This omelet is good to add baking vegetables.

16. Caramelize onions in the oven

Onion cut into half rings, add a little salt and sugar. Spread the mass on parchment paper and bake in the oven. It is much easier to achieve the desired consistency than in a frying pan.

17. Cook eggs in a bag

If you want a part of the yolk to cook and a part remain raw, use the following method. Hold the egg for 30 minutes at room temperature. Then boil the water and lower the egg. After 5 minutes you can get it. If there are many eggs, add another 30 seconds.