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20 real examples of the harmonious design of a small bathroom


The problem of a small bathroom is known to many, especially when you consider that most of us are forced to huddle in "Khrushchev".

However, even such a tiny room you want to equip with taste.

We have collected 20 real-life examples of the harmonious design of a small-sized bathroom. Surely they will inspire you to create something like this.

1. Bright bathroom interior

For a visual increase in the space of a small-sized bathroom, you can use classic light shades.

2. The combination of black and beige shades.

In a small bathroom, the combination of black and beige shades looks bold and modern.

3. Minimalist style in the bathroom

Simple and laconic interior of a small-sized bathroom in a minimalist style.

4. Stylish bathroom interior

A small bathroom is a problem for those who want to make it not only functional, but also stylish.

5. Harmonious design and space saving

In order for a small bathroom to become spacious and stylish, you need to choose the right color palette.

6. Ceramic tiles in the bathroom

Do not neglect the classical techniques that are used when finishing the bathroom.

7. The combination of black and white

A bold and modern project of a small-sized bathroom that will help create a truly unique room.

8. Glass partition

To visually increase the space in the bathroom, you can use a transparent partition made of durable glass.

9. Bathroom mosaic tiles

Small ceramic tiles for small bathrooms - the best material for finishing the room.

10. Gray bathroom

The bathroom in gray color perfectly combines wooden surfaces and white plumbing objects.

11. Bathroom combined with toilet.

Mosaic in the interior of the bathroom beige.

12. Modern bathroom design in gray tones.

A small bathroom in gray shades, which is the epitome of elegance and restraint.

13. Bathroom for true eco-style lovers

Ceramic tiles under the tree will give warmth and comfort to a small bathroom.

14. Elements in oriental style

The bright interior of the bathroom with elements of traditional oriental style.

15. Stylish and modern minimalist interior.

Another example of a small bathroom, which is made in a minimalist style.

16. Elements of eco-style in the bathroom

Natural materials and neutral colors with a predominance of green palette in the interior of the bathroom.

17. Bathroom in a strict male style

Small bathroom in a simple male style.

18. Contrast bath

A small bright bathroom, where the bright gray bath appears.

19. Violet accent

The use of violet accent will add expressiveness to the overall appearance of the bathroom.

20. Sand shades in the interior of the bathroom

Unusual bathroom in sand colors and shades, which will plunge into the Mediterranean atmosphere.