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17 memorable décor elements that can turn a house into a dream home


Any owner probably wants his house to be special.

Some are trying to buy unusual furniture, others are sent to designer stores for special elements of decor, while others boast innovative equipment.

We have collected 17 illustrative examples that will inspire the acquisition of something similar.

1. Microwave with a secret

Microwave with integrated toaster.

Perhaps now you will not surprise anyone with an ordinary microwave. But a microwave with additional features - you can. For example, a microwave with a toaster embedded in its side panel will allow not only to warm up breakfast, but also to fry crispy toast to tea.

2. Sofas with lifting mechanism

Sofas, with a folding mechanism.

Most often, the space under the sofas is overgrown with debris, waiting for the very general cleaning that takes place every half a year. And all because often not everyone can move the sofas. However, resourceful designers came up with a clever way to solve the cleaning problem. To do this, they equipped the sofas and chairs with a tricky mechanism that allows you to fold the furniture back, revealing the space under them.

3. Cabinet for dishes

Cabinet for dishes with a mesh bottom.

Many housewives are faced with the question of how to store only washed dishes. Some carefully wipe the plates, others put them to dry on a special stand, and others send them wet right into the cupboard, and then they fight the fungus on its walls. Once and for all solve this dilemma will help a closed cabinet with a lattice bottom. It should be hung over the sink so that drops of water from the dishes gradually flowed into the sink.

4. TV in the bathroom

Screen in the bathroom.

Modern technologies have gone so far that they allow TVs and screens to be placed even in rooms with high humidity. A small waterproof screen can be attached to the wall and enjoy your favorite movies, soaking in a hot bath or getting ready to work.

Multifunctional kitchen sink.

Can a sink be a kitchen assistant? It is easy if it is modern and multifunctional. For example, a round metal sink with movable sections, including two chopping boards, a colander and several containers, will help save some space and allow the hostess to perform several processes at the same time.

6. Swing

Dining table with swing seats.

Massive snow-white design, which consists of a large table and a variety of hanging seats. Such an item of interior is certainly not suitable for every apartment, but those who dare to get an amazing opportunity to feel like a child every day, carelessly dangling their legs in the air and swaying in a measured manner on a swing.

7. Slide Ladder

Ladder with a hill.

Not all people are impressed by classic stairs, the designers thought and decided to connect the traditional steps with a slide. The result was an original double staircase that can be installed in a private house or in the country. In the course of many experiments it was proved that it is much more interesting to move down than to go down.

8. Transforming Carpet

Transforming carpet.

Every corner of this ordinary, at first glance, carpet can be turned into an unusual table or cabinet. To do this, simply bend the corner. The secret of this "magic" product in an unusual material, which, like a wire, can take and keep different forms and positions.

9. Designer floor

Design bulk floor.

Living in the middle of the ocean, in the sky or on a green lawn - easy. Realize any fantasies will help bulk floors. All that is required of you is to find the desired landscape and competent master.

10. Hammock on the ceiling

Hammock, stretched under the ceiling.

A large grid, stretched at the height of the window, will allow you to acquire a secluded corner for reading, relaxing and observing the household. To realize such an idea can every owner of a private house with a staircase and high ceilings.

11. Living in the water

Pool with a sofa.

Large swimming pool with a round island of land in the center. On a small island there are several compact sofas and a table. Such a kind of living room in the center of the pool is the dream of any owner of a country mansion.

12. Brilliant stairs

Flickering stairs.

A fantastic staircase whose steps adorn thousands of glass particles. Sunlight refracts in mirror fragments, causing the steps to twinkle like precious stones.

13. Mini-beach

A small beach near the house.

A summer patio with a fireplace, a bench and clean sand is a great idea for those who love the seashore with all their hearts. Implement such an idea under the power of any owner of a dacha or a private house, the main thing is to keep the sand clean and protect it from moisture.

14. Starry sky

Starry sky in the bedroom.

Love to look at the starry sky? Modern technologies and building materials will help to fulfill the dream and turn your bedroom into an observatory. This may be a durable glass or plastic insert in the roof or a design project using special materials.

15. Designer floor

Design bulk floor.

The floor, which looks like hot lava, will become a spectacular detail of a modern living room and will turn your ideas about how the flooring should look like.

16. Bird feeder

Unusual bird feeder.

Feeder for birds, a unique design which will allow virtually to let birds into your home. With such a feeder every day to observe how birds eat at the glass.

17. Treehouse

Two-level tree house.

The tree house is an unattainable place for teenagers of the 90s. Then on such houses could admire only on TV screens. But now, having the opportunity to buy a variety of building materials, the dream can be realized and build the same tree house in your own yard.