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8 easy ways to spend less and throw away less


Who loves when mess and dirt is at home? Pleasure for an extremely rare connoisseur. But if we tidy up our living space even from time to time, then somehow we don’t think about the planet. Have you ever tried to calculate how much garbage you throw out in a week?

But to reduce the amount of household waste is in your best interest. If not for the sake of the Earth, then for the sake of your own wallet. And so, how to do it simply and without sacrifice.

The forecasts of scientists are far from rainbow-colored: if humanity continues to “produce” waste even at the same pace as now, the whole Earth will soon turn into one big landfill. With epidemics and all the ensuing consequences. But to prevent the sad scenario, we are quite capable. Just start small: discard items from this list. A nice bonus is that there will be much more money at the end of the month!

So stop buying ...

1. Paper for kitchen

Do you really need so much paper?

Disposable towels, small napkins, larger napkins - do we really need so much paper? These little things ultimately result in rather big expenses. And all in order to be in the trash. Replacing paper towels and napkins with cloth - it's so easy. But at the same time, you can liven up a boring kitchen interior.

2. Plastic food containers

They multiply!

Trays for food, of course, a convenient thing, but with its drawbacks. First, they have the ability to "multiply", and the case just will not be limited to one small craft. And secondly, when heated particles of plastic penetrate into the food. Even without a microwave. What is certainly not good and good is not. Exit: food is heated in a special glass container, and at work take a reusable (and nice) lunch box.

3. Drinks in disposable plastic bottles

Water, which is more expensive than gasoline.

A bit of fun mathematics: in the United States alone, 17 million barrels of oil a year are spent on the production of plastic water bottles. For comparison, the same amount would be enough to refuel 1.3 million cars for a whole year! What is not a reason to have a cute reusable bottle bag and filter for the house?

4. Love to buy coffee? Get a reusable glass!

The perfect gift for a coffee lover!

Did you know that not a single coffee shop, like Starbucks, will refuse a customer to pour a hot drink in his own container? And come out, by the way, a little cheaper. So a reusable glass or a compact thermos will be an excellent gift for an economical coffee man.

5.Reject Packages

It's time to unload your package.

It turns out that, on average, 540 plastic bags go through our hands a year! For passionate lovers of shopping and food delivery, this figure is even more impressive. Polyethylene is poorly recyclable, but for a long time it decomposes in the soil. So in fact, any bag is just harmful trash. But instead of the conditional 540 bags, you can start one single eco-pack made of cotton. Imagine how cool it would be if everyone did that?

6.And from food in packages - also

Packaging is often more tempting than content.

All these semi-finished products, packaged in bright multi-colored packs, are asked to go to your basket. The temptation is great, but it is not worth it: you save money by saving you high blood sugar and centimeters at the waist. And the container will go to the trash. Not to mention that most instant food tastes, to put it mildly, not so much.

7. Pass, at last, on the reusable razor

So much more economical.

Disposable machines - it is a waste of money, which many deceptively seems to save. And isn't it interesting to try some new product with a bunch of blades and other chips?

8. Try to do some hygiene and household cleaning products yourself.

What if it becomes your hobby?

Let it sound like a hobby for desperate "green" housewives or hipsters, but homemade hygiene has its advantages. And this is in addition to saving. For example, you will be confident in the composition and hypoallergenic products. No, it’s not worth making super face cream. But chic shower gel or even cleansing toilet freshener - easily.