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Effective house cleaning tips


Every time when it comes to cleaning the house, you stand, look at everything that will soon have to be cleaned and wiped, and your hands reach for the gas canister to set it all on fire ... Absolutely everyone hates cleaning the house, especially when evening comes and you are looking for where to attach your tired body.

We bring to your attention simple, useful and very effective tips for cleaning the house, which are guaranteed to save you time, money and effort, as well as help things to serve you much longer.

To quickly clean the mattress or sofa and get rid of the unpleasant smell, just pour vodka into the spray bottle, clean the surface and let it dry. It is also advisable to wipe with a brush or sponge for better cleaning from dust and wool.

To easily clean the microwave and get rid of the smell, just pour water into a glass dish, after throwing a lemon in half and then turn on the microwave. It is necessary to bring the water to a boil, so that it boils a little inside, a couple of minutes will be enough. Then turn off the microwave and wait a minute before you open the door. Remove the dishes with water and calmly wipe the steamed dirt with the smell of lemon.

Clean the ceiling fan from dust with a pillowcase. Just throw it on the blade and gently swipe back and forth. All the dust will remain inside the pillowcase, not in your hair.

Put a greasy stain on the wallpaper? Just rub it with chalk and give it a couple of minutes to absorb the fat, and gently wipe the area with a damp cloth. Also works great with cloth!

To quickly and easily dry wet shoes, just cram newspapers inside, and put your stuffed shoes on the newspaper. To speed up the process through time it is recommended to change newspapers.

To quickly gather your four-legged friend's wool, simply wipe the carpet or other surface with a rubber spatula or window cleaner.

Like to make cocktails, but do not like to clean the blender to death? All this is in the past! Pour warm water into the blender and drip some soap or washing liquid, then turn it on for a few seconds, then drain the water. Done!

To easily clean any longitudinal grille, including the blinds, simply wrap a rag on the butter knife and drive boldly between the cracks, cleaning them from dust.

To give the leather chair a new life, treat it with shoe polish in color, and all rubbing will disappear.

To quickly and easily clean the grill, cut the onion in half and drive it along the grill, holding the tongs. Onion will not only clean the grill, but also give it an appetizing flavor.

Wiping lipstick is always difficult, the main difficulty is that it is smeared. Spray with hair spray on top of lipstick, wait 10 minutes and rinse. Simply and easily!

To restore the former shine to the burned pan, pour water into it, add a glass of vinegar and set on a slow fire. Next, turn off the stove and add two tablespoons of baking soda to the liquid. After drain the liquid and wipe the pan with a sponge.

To quickly and easily clean the grinder and get rid of the smell, dress a tablespoon (or two) of white rice in it, then empty the contents and wipe the grinder with a cloth.

With the help of "Velcro" easy and simple to clean the lampshade from dust.

To easily and easily clean the oven, put a half cup of ammonia inside the cold oven. The next morning, take out the cup and wipe the oven from the inside.

Tired of cloudy stains on glass cups? Just wipe them with a cloth dampened with vinegar.

To quickly wash the glassware, add a little detergent inside it, crumple a piece of foil and wipe it well.

Before cooking fatty foods, drip on the oven of vegetable oil and wipe it. After frying, all greasy sprays are removed without problems by simply wiping.

Dishwashers also need to be washed. Put a cup of vinegar in the upper part of the dishwasher, and at its bottom pour baking soda and run it. You not only clean the inside of the dishwasher, but also be able to admire a rather entertaining sight.

To remove the soap coating from the shower door without problems, treat it with cooking spray, wait 5 minutes and remove it with the soap.

To quickly clear the blockage, throw 4 Alka-Seltzer tablets into the hole in the sink, then pour a glass of vinegar there. After 10 minutes, rinse with boiling water.

To remove plaque from the surface of the bath, cut the grapefruit in half and pour salt into half, which will be cleaned. For greater effect, it is also recommended to pour salt into the bath. Wipe dirty places with grapefruit and salt and enjoy the purity and aroma.

It is easy and simple to wipe blinds, having thrust a hand in a sock and to remove dust to them.

To get rid of white circles on the furniture, remove moisture with a cloth and dry the place well with a hair dryer.

Madden stains on the carpet? Mix 2 parts of water and 1 part of vinegar, blot a rag with this liquid, put it on the stain and iron it with iron, preferably with steam. If the stain persists, repeat the procedure.

To quickly clean the coffee maker, fill it with mixed equal parts of vinegar and water. Turn on the cooking cycle, turn off at half ready and repeat this process again. When done boiling the vinegar, run 2 cycles with clean water.

Who has silver cutlery, he knows what, it is the flour to clean and polish them. In order not to torture yourself, lay on the bottom of the tank in which you will soak the silver, the foil, fold the silver there, add half of the st. l salt and floor art. l soda, fill with hot water and leave silver for 30 minutes otkisat. Then remove the silver and wipe it, the darkening should disappear.

If your child (or friend) is sick on the sofa, make a paste out of water and baking soda, then apply to the problem area and leave to dry. After drying, just vacuum the place, there will be no stains or odor. Also, this method works well with urine on the carpet.

To easily clean the electric grill, turn it off after cooking and, while it is hot, put wet paper towels on one side of it. Steam from wet towels will soften the leftover food and you can easily remove them just by wiping the grill.

In order not to spend money on expensive toilet cleaners and not to bathe about cleaning, put a can filled with vinegar inside the cistern, having previously made small holes in the lid. Each time you pick up water, some vinegar from the jar will fall into the cistern, which will keep your toilet bowl clean.

To disinfect the kitchen sponge, heat it in the microwave for 2 minutes, it will kill 99% of the germs.

Before turning on the drying mode, throw a dry towel in the car. The towel absorbs all the excess moisture, greatly accelerating and improving the effect of drying.