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Storing spices in the kitchen: functional ideas for those who are used to uncompromising order


Organizing the storage of spices in the kitchen is not as simple as it seems. You can use purchased containers or create your own storage system.

In this case it will be possible to take into account all the features and frequency of use.

Options for how to ensure convenient and proper storage depend only on the kitchen area and the number of spices used.

The most common storage option for spices in small glass jars.

Convenient drawer storage for spices

Spices can be stored in cans, where they will be hidden from light.

Drawer with the same beautiful spice jars

Storage rules

Spices have a pleasant aroma, but in order to preserve it, you need to withstand certain rules, which include several key points:

  1. Location and storage conditions.
  2. Duration of storage.

Place and conditions

Since cooking takes place in the kitchen, it is also necessary to store in the kitchen. So seasonings will be on hand, and where exactly they are located depends largely on convenience. You can pour fragrant mixtures and herbs in different containers:

  • packages;
  • jars;
  • plastic containers.

Small glass jars with a lid on the clip is a convenient and popular option.

Tin cans are well suited for spices that must be hidden from natural light.

Plastic spice jars are short-lived

But it should be borne in mind how “convenient” the spices are in the space provided and whether it will not lose its flavor and aroma. Here are some aspects:

  • Most spices do not tolerate ultraviolet light, that is, they should not be exposed to direct sunlight. The optimal place is in the kitchen cabinet, which closes the door.
  • Heating and temperature changes cause the spices to lose their aroma and beneficial properties, so the option near the stove or radiator is also not the best.
  • Humidity is also destructive. The spices are damp, take a lump and the only thing that can be done is to throw them away. Putting spices for long-term storage in perforated containers, which are used for convenience, is impossible.

Tip! It is worth pouring no more than a couple of teaspoons of spices into the pepper list, the rest should be stored in an airtight container. So you can eliminate the increase in humidity during use.

  • The option of storage in the refrigerator is not the best, of course: the aroma will be preserved, but the humidity is there, and the cold in addition to all weakens the taste.

Tip! Only the family of red peppers, including paprika and chili, is perfectly stored in the refrigerator. Fresh herbs can not be dried, and freeze, such storage for them will be optimal.

Small glass jars with cork lid

Large, convenient jars for spices and bulk products in the drawer

Very original spice storage option, mounted on the wall.

A large cupboard with lighting and plenty of shelves for storing spices, bulk products and various kitchen utensils.

Storage time

Spices in whole (not ground) can be stored for years subject to the conditions. Ground and crushed quickly lose their properties, so they are better to grind immediately before use.

In addition, in the ground form, they quickly exhaled, so also become a "treat" for insects.

As for fresh herbs, they can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 5 days. Dried leaves and stems - about 2 years, subject to normal humidity. Roots and seeds will delight with freshness and aroma for 4 years. And the fruits of the nut, for example, nutmeg, - up to 3 years.

Note! If spices are collected with a spoon, then it should be clean and dry. And pouring seasoning straight from the jar where it is stored in a boiling dish is impossible. Firstly, you can overdo it, secondly, the spice will absorb moisture and spoil.

A similar storage option for spices is convenient because they are all visible.

This storage option is suitable for deep cabinets.

Small pantry in the kitchen with spices attached to the door

Solid storage options

To say that the storage of ideas in the kitchen a lot of ideas, it does not say anything. It all depends on the amount of spices, opportunities in place in the kitchen and the frequency of their use. If they are used very often, and in the presence of always a lot of spices, you should take care of a thorough, roomy storehouse. You will have to spend time and not a lot of money on its creation, but it will turn out to create a system for storing spices in the kitchen with your own hands.

Niche in the wall

To create it, you can use the wall near the stove, but not very close, so that the spices from it do not overheat. The depth of the niche corresponds to the size of the jars used for storage. The height is a multiple of the height of the cans plus 4-5 cm on each shelf so that it is convenient to get it.

Jars for storing spices in the kitchen by this method should be chosen from tinted glass or plastic, as there will not be a door in the niche. Those spices that are used most often can be stored in any banks, as they simply will not have time to spoil.

To arrange storage, if there is already a niche, is easy. To do this, you need to mount the correct height shelves. If the depth of the niche is slightly less than the diameter of the can, then with a small indentation (up to 2 cm) you can pull a rope, an elastic band or nail thin wooden planks. If this option does not fit into the style of the kitchen, then metal straps will do. You can buy them in the store.

If the depth fits the size of the cans, then no limiters need to be mounted.

A stylish option for storing spices for a modern kitchen.

Niche in the wall with shelves for storage option - for those who use spices not so often


You can arrange a convenient storage space with drawers and baskets. And fit both horizontal and vertical.

The first option is horizontal, that is, the usual drawers kitchen. In order for the spices to fit comfortably in them, the boxes must be deep enough. Storage options:

Bright eclectic kitchen with lots of jars and cones for storing spices.

Comfortable two-leaf kitchen cupboard with shelves for storing spices.

In a single drawer can be stored spices in jars and open

Small convenient case with the sliding shelf with spices

The same type of box, although it is likely to be a sliding wall, can be made behind the refrigerator, if there is a distance of 15-20 cm between the wall and the household appliance. There will be certain modifications:

  1. One wall is sewn with fiberboard, plywood.
  2. Be sure to have low sides, approximately 1/3 of the height of the shelf.
  3. It is extended on wheels.

Tip! In this capacious storehouse it will be possible to store not only spices, but also preservation, sauces, and useful kitchen utensils.

Convenient vertical drawers with shelves for spices

Modern kitchen with spice storage boxes

IKEA Spice Drawer Design

Non-standard spice drawer

Storage on the wall

You can buy special shelves - storage systems for the kitchen, which are hung on the wall. Most often they are made of stainless steel. Such shelves consist of several tiers of twigs with sides that are interconnected.

Tip! The same shelves can be mounted from the inside of the door of the kitchen cabinet, but first you need to cut off the area inside the spice shelves that fit the spice shelves.

On such open shelves, spices should be stored either in dark jars or only those that are very often used to prevent spoilage.

Convenient small spice jars attached to the wall

Spice jars attached to a wall

An interesting idea for storing fresh spices.

Shelves for storage

It can be used for storage and shelves in the kitchen, in which there is no moisture and direct sunlight does not fall. But for convenience, they need a little upgrade. Options:

  1. Make the "steps". The height of the step of such an improvised staircase is about 1/3 of the height of the can. The steps can be arranged spices, and those that are used more often, place the closest.
  2. Create a sliding system. It will need several vertical guides. An open mini shelf with spices will move along such a rail. Mount the guides to the "ceiling" of the shelf.
  3. You can use the original system. When the spices are not in standard jars, but in test tubes. In addition, each will have its own small compartment, where it will plunge to half or a third of its height.

Open shelf storage for spices

Rustic kitchen with shelves under the spices, placed away from the stove

Chebbi-chic kitchen with a small shelf for storing spices

If a little spice

Options when spices 10-20, or even more types, are not always, but a small amount must be stored in an orderly manner. Options:

  1. In a small stylized box right on the countertop.
  2. In a plastic organizer. You can hang it on the wall and put each type of spice in a separate pocket.
  3. In tic tac pills.

If there are not so many spices, they can be placed in glass cones.

The most basic spices should always be on hand.

A small stand with spices does not take up much space on the table.

Storage of spices in the kitchen: conclusion

The taste of dishes depends on the correct storage of spices, and the mood of the hostess depends on the convenience of their storage, which also affects the taste. Variants of organization weight, with different budgets, styles and volumes.

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