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How to save electricity at home: 7 effective tips from thrifty housewives


With the onset of the autumn-winter period, the costs of maintaining an apartment or house increase. It is cold, damp and dark outside.

We spend more time at home, so a lot of money is spent on heating, and the amount in the receipt for electricity payment also increases.

If you are likely to accept the payment of heating, then you can try to reduce the cost of electricity. It is clear that the main rule is to turn off the lights in rooms that you do not use.

How else can you save?

1. Replace conventional light bulbs with energy efficient ones.

Standard incandescent bulbs - the last century. They were replaced by energy-saving lamps. If the former serve on average about 1,000 hours, then the latter have stepped much further - the energy-saving lamp can work up to 10,000 hours.

In addition, conventional incandescent bulbs consume 5 times more electricity. Yes, energy-saving lamps are much more expensive than ordinary ones, but in the long run they pay for themselves.

2. Unplug electrical appliances when not in use.

Did you know that even if the device is turned off, but not pulled out of the outlet, it still continues to consume energy? Brewed coffee, pull the plug. Turned off the TV, again, do not forget to unplug the power cord. This applies to all electrical appliances that you have at home.

3. Replace the technique with a more modern

The equipment of the 90s and 00s consumes more electricity than modern models. This is especially true of the refrigerator, washing machine and dishwasher. When choosing a new device, be guided not only by their main characteristics, but also by the energy saving class.

The least consumed devices are class A and A +. The most "voracious" is G. Modern devices are usually supplied with a sticker, where information on the class of energy saving is indicated.

4. Refuse to use the dryer

Or use it less often than usual. You will significantly reduce your electricity bill if you at least occasionally dry things naturally. Use a drying chamber in case of emergency, for example, when you need a piece of clothing " that's straight urgent ". In other cases, the laundry is perfectly dried on a dryer or battery.

And, by the way, things in the dryer dry faster if you put a dry towel in the chamber.

5. Wash in cold water

Do you wash things too often? Do not start the wash with 1-2 things, "save up" clothes. If you just need to refresh your clothes, choose short modes and wash with cold water. Washing in water of 30 degrees consumes energy by 30% less than at 40 degrees. And save electricity, and the thing will not lose sight for longer. Long modes with hot water are suitable for bedding and baby clothes, as well as heavy pollution.

6. Do you really need so much light?

Of the 12 light bulbs in the chandelier are all 12? Do you really need so much light? No one says that we have to go back to the primitive society and live with the splinter, but sometimes a spot light helps save on electricity at times.

7. Don't forget to defrost the refrigerator regularly.

If the device is not marked No Frost, then it should be defrosted regularly. In addition, only place food at room temperature in the refrigerator. Warm and hot pots can increase its power consumption by up to 100%!

These simple rules will help save an extra penny. And, as you know, it saves the ruble and for the year can result in a rather large amount!