Useful ideas

Unusual appliances that bring the kitchen closer to the ideal.


What is the secret of perfect cuisine? Beautiful design, modern technology, versatility? Probably every detail is important here. It is the details that determine how surprising the simplest decisions on the organization of space and its proper complement can be.

This is a selection of interesting ideas that will help to create a chef's workshop from an ordinary kitchen.

18. Holder for cooking blades and lids

Comfortable holders will solve the problem of draining grease from spoons and lids when cooking.

17. Foldable washbasin

Portable folding shelf for drying food and dishes. It can be installed on the kitchen sink, table or any convenient place.

16. Brush on the sink for washing spoons, forks and knives

Thanks to this brush, washing dishes will take less time.

15. Modern container for chopping garlic

Excellent replacement for the standard garlic press. Moreover, to wash such a device is much easier.

14. Blackboard with a garbage collection department

A find for each hostess! The board is especially convenient for those who like to cook in front of the TV.

13. Kitchen multitool

This compact multitool easily cope with bottle and can lids, as well as smoothly open any sealed bag. Great helper for every hostess!

12. Foldable cutting board

Incredibly comfortable cutting board. With her on the floor will not be annoying crumbs or vegetable residues.

11. Capacity for cooking kebabs

Love the kebab? You will love it even more with this brilliant barbeque. In it, you can marinate the meat immediately on skewers.

10. Slicer for cutting pineapple

A wonderful device for those who love pineapples, but can not clean them. With him you can submit the fruit to the table in 5 minutes!

9. Silicone Colander for Cooking

Boil small vegetables or fruits in this colander. No extra water. Everything is quick and easy!

8. Mobile Packet Sealer

This manual bag sealer protects products from excess moisture, dust and insects. Powered by conventional batteries.

7. Green storage device

With such a device you can store greens much longer. It remains fresh thanks to the water, which must be poured into the tank from time to time.

6. Knife for soft foods, fruits and vegetables

Hand slicer quickly and smoothly cut soft foods, fruits and vegetables. Especially convenient to grind them greens.

5. Universal silicone caps

These durable silicone lids will eliminate the problems of storing food in the refrigerator. They are suitable for containers and products of different sizes.

4. Board for cutting products with a folding bowl

This board is a real find for any kitchen. You can wash products in a folding container, and cut them on a hard surface. Convenient and fast!

3. Silicone Spice Tank

This container for spices is designed specifically for those who hate to count the number of bay leaves at ease. With this thing, any broth will only taste better!

2. Dispenser for vegetable oil

The manual dispenser will evenly distribute the oil over any surface. Finally, there will be no greasy hands and stains on the tables. Very comfortably!

1. Unusual carafe for lemonade and tea

This unusual decanter provides removable containers for ice, fruit and tea. Cool stuff! Especially for those who love homemade drinks.