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Some tips that even chefs use: it always smells good in my fridge


Refrigerator, our friend and comrade. Without it, it is difficult to imagine the existence of a modern family.

It is terrible to think that he might suddenly break.

After all, it is all the most delicious, and it keeps it fresh. But sometimes inside there is an unpleasant smell and spoils the appetite.

The smell needs to be eliminated, and we know how!

Activated carbon, powdered, copes with this task. Leave a plate with this powder in the fridge. During the night, it absorbs all the stale and extraneous odors. If you heat your spent coal in the oven at 170-180 ° C, it will serve you again.

As a preventive measure, activated carbon can be kept in the refrigerator all the time. To do this, you just need to make holes in the lid of a small container, put the crushed tablets in there and put them in the door. The main thing do not forget to periodically change the contents.

Wet cleaning with vinegar can also be a great help. Wipe all the walls and shelves of your refrigerator with a cloth moistened in acetic solution. To consolidate the effect: you can additionally leave a glass with vinegar on the shelf for a couple of hours. There is another more laborious way, but it will help to eliminate even the most inveterate scents.

Dissolve ammonia 1/1 with water and wash the refrigerator with this solution. After cleaning, leave the door open for a few hours to erode the pungent smell of ammonia itself.

Another way is more pleasant, but more costly. Roast some freshly ground coffee and place it in open containers in the freezer and main chambers of your home appliance.

The thick and the drink itself have a similar effect and can also be used.
Please note: the drink must be hot, and the refrigerator is disconnected from the power supply.

If in the refrigerator constantly keep an open jar of soda, then you are insured against unexpected odors for months. You can also do wet cleaning with soda. It will be very effective.

Crusts of rye bread, spread out in the refrigerator at different levels, help to get rid of strange smells in the refrigerator chamber.

The same effect has cut into slices of apple, cheese or raw potatoes.

Tea bags laid out on the shelves perfectly absorb foreign odors.

Cat's filler, salt and sugar are no worse than others fighting bad smells. Place them in the refrigerator in an open dish, and they will do their job.

Another way: cleaning with lemon solution. Squeeze the juice from half a lemon, mix with water and wipe the inside of the refrigerator with a rag dipped in this solution. This method perfectly consolidate the result of the usual wet cleaning.

And of course you can not forget about the special modern tools. This may be a spray for a refrigerator with a refreshing effect, colored balls - air purifiers, ionizers. They all fit inside and do an excellent job with the main task: unnecessary odors.


All of these methods are good and will help to cope with the unpleasant aromas that have already arisen. But the best thing to do is work ahead of the curve and carry out prevention. To do this, you just need to know and follow very simple rules:

  1. Store ready meals in tightly closed pans and containers so that other products do not soak in their flavors (especially fish).
  2. Each season to do a wet cleaning in the refrigerator, and that which has spilled or scattered clean up immediately.
  3. Regularly sort through the products, checking the freshness and shelf life.