Useful ideas

Ideas for arranging a functional windowsill in a small kitchen

Squares of typical apartments in our area are not distinguished by an abundance of free space. This is especially noticeable in the most functional part of the house, namely in the kitchen. Here is a lot of home appliances and kitchen utensils, while you want to have a spacious work area, free from everything.

Another problem is the window, under which the heating radiator is usually located. This space can freely “eat up” a meter of free space, which in our case is an unaffordable luxury. Understanding this, all designers use window sills in their projects, making them useful.

Today we have gathered for you a few ideas of the functional arrangement of the kitchen window sill. The useless space here is reincarnated into a kitchen table, an additional work surface or even a pedestal for a kitchen sink. In general, there is something to be surprised. Go!