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17 simple life hacking, which at least once in life so useful


17 simple life hacking, which at least once in life so useful

A resourceful hostess always has some useful tips on how to simplify your life.

And, having learned about them, others think about how it did not occur to them to repeat as well.

We have collected 17 simple life hacking, which at least once in life yes come in handy.

1. Primitive ironing

Ironing without iron.

If you suddenly find that your clothes are very wrinkled, and there is no iron at hand, a simple saucepan will help. Fill it with water, boil it, and then move it in a hot pan over things, smoothing the folds.

2. Nags on skewers

Chicken nuggets in toaster.

The easiest and fastest way to cook chicken nuggets is to put them on skewers and bake them in an ordinary toaster.

3. Safe

Safe for valuable items.

There is a little trick that will help protect some things from the encroachments of the household. For this purpose, we recommend using an empty plastic cake box. It is simply impossible to open it silently, which means you will always know that your thing is safe.

4. Plant protection

Protection from the cat.

Surely, many cat owners are faced with the problem of sabotage in relation to indoor plants. So that your pet will not continue to climb the pots and certainly not put his carcass on a flower, stick as many toothpicks as possible into the ground.

5. Stuffed bucket

How to fill the bucket in the sink.

It is extremely difficult to collect buckets in the sink, but what if there is no other way out? In such a situation, a plastic scoop is useful. Put it in the sink and let the water flow down the handle straight into the bucket.

6. Fixing the cover

Fixing the lid of the pan.

We recommend using office gum to firmly secure the pan lid. Such a trick is useful when transporting a pot of soup or a side dish.

7. Laptop Stand

Notebook Stand.

Most users know that overheating of the laptop can be fraught with serious breakdowns. Do not worry if you do not have a stand, just use ordinary forks.

8. cord lock

Fixing cords on the table.

Use ordinary binders to keep all the necessary cords on hand, and not to climb under the table every time.

9. Gate valve

The latch in the toilet stall.

Some people always bring sugar sticks, toothpicks and Chinese sticks with them. So the latter may one day serve in good stead. Use them instead of a latch, if it is broken in the toilet stall into which you entered.

10. Stand for pasta

Stand for toothpaste.

A stand that allows you to squeeze all the contents out of a tube of toothpaste is another way to use office binders alternatively.

11. Clothespin for curtains

Clip for curtains.

Light penetrating through the gap between the curtains can be annoying in the morning. If such trouble has overtaken you in a hotel and there are no clothes pegs at hand, use hangers with clamps.

12. Clothes dryer

Homemade dryer.

The lack of a dryer doesn’t matter, place two chairs as shown in the picture and hang laundry on it.

13. Phone holder

Hanging holder for your phone.

Fashionable now elastic bands are good not only because they are not entangled in the hair, but also because of their multifunctionality. For example, it can be used to fix the phone when it is charging.

14. Headphone marking

Identification marks.

Every music lover has to guess at random every day where the right earpiece is, and where the left is and not always intuition works in the right direction. In order not to waste time on such a trifle, use rubber bands of different colors.

15. Asparagus

Slicing asparagus.

In fact, shredding asparagus is very easy, the main thing is to fix the stems well. Just fasten them with rubber bands and they will not crawl around.

16. Safe nails

Safely hammer a nail.

Do not put your fingers at risk, hammering another nail. To do this, fix the nail with a comb or a clothespin.

17. Safe electrical appliances

Lock on the electric plug.

Hang the barn lock on the plugs of electrical appliances so that the child cannot connect anything to the socket.