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7 proven methods for removing paint from clothes at home


Paint spots are one of the biggest misfortunes that can happen to a person’s clothes.

The main problem is that it is not easy to remove such stains.

Moreover, almost every available method requires the application of considerable forces and a considerable waste of time. That is why you should know and remember several ways that are ideal for removing paint from clothes in different situations.

1. Ukus, bupa and kofir

Great way.

We buy borax as a powder in a pharmacy, combine it with 9% vinegar and fatty kefir. Just take 30 grams. The resulting composition is applied to the stain with a toothbrush on both sides. After that it is necessary to make washing clothes. If necessary, the procedure should be repeated.

2. Salt, vinegar and sal ammoniac

You can use ammonia.

We take 60 ml of 9% vinegar, 30 grams of salt and 30 ml of ammonia. Cooking from all of the listed mush. We distribute it in polluted areas and wait 10 minutes. Remove the composition from the clothes with a brush. This method is suitable for enamel, oil paint and "water emulsion".

3. Bleach

The main thing then wash.

If the paint was stained with flax or light cotton, then to remove the stain of paint, you can try to use regular bleach. To do this, 0.6 l of bleach should be diluted in 6 l of water, and boil the soiled thing in the resulting composition. After cleaning it is worth washing the thing in the usual way.

4. Turpentine

Perfect solution.

If you need to remove paint stains from silk, cotton, linen or wool, you can try to put turpentine into the case. Just soak a cosmetic disc in it and process the stain. The remains of turpentine collect and remove from clothes with dry napkins. The action should be repeated 5-10 times.

5. Hydrogen peroxide

Proven tool.

Peroxide can also be used to clean paint stains, but should only be used with light things. All you need to do is pour a little peroxide on the stain and wait a couple of hours. After this thing you need to rub your hands or in the car, as well as thoroughly dry.

6. Vinegar

You can do so.

Vinegar itself can be used to clean paint stains. Great for working with colored things. Take two cosmetic sponge and saturate them with vinegar. We place the first directly on the spot, and the second under it. We hold the thing in this position for 20 minutes, after which we send it to the laundry.

7. Lemon or acetone

let the fruit in the case.

Lemon copes well with the removal of old stains. Just squeeze some juice on the stain and rub it. However, it can only be used with light-colored clothing. Finally, acetone is also suitable for cleaning paint stains, although this method is forbidden for any delicate items. Pouring acetone on the stain is only in the most desperate case.

Work with both means comes to an end with usual washing.