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The most fashionable colors in the interior 2019: Creative design that will not be ignored


Every time when it comes to cosmetic or global repairs, the majority clutches their heads, not knowing what to prefer, especially when it comes to color. And to avoid various oddities, you should heed the advice of designers, who certainly know how to choose the right color palette so that it blends in harmoniously with one or another interior.

2019 was no exception, and believe me, there is definitely a place where fantasies can roam: from all shades of yellow and earthy to noble dark and deep burgundy, elegantly emphasizing the taste of the owners and the atmosphere, as well as creating the necessary atmosphere, without which it is impossible to feel comfort, style and homely warmth.

1. Color and white

A bright element of the decor can be juicy wallpapers.

If earlier the classics of the genre were black and white colors and shades, now designers suggest moving away from bored canons and paying attention to white color in combination with bright elements of decor. Here you can safely combine and experiment as you please, but still remember that everything should be in moderation, otherwise instead of a stylish environment you will get a far from aesthetic “vinaigrette”.

Bring paint to your interior design.

Modern kitchen interior.

Fashionable colors in the interior 2019.

2. Natural (or natural) colors

Wood chocolate range.

Quiet, calm and soft colors and shades that are found in nature - ideal for interior decoration. Thanks to the rich colors, they can easily transform any room, filling it with comfort and coziness. It is also worth remembering that warm and muted shades of brown, the color of wood, walnut and hazelnut will be appropriate here.

Natural colors and shades in the interior 2019.

Original interior design.

Shades of beige, yellow and green in interior design 2019.

Shades of blue and terracotta.

3. Noble shades of luxury

Interior 2019.

In 2019, designers strongly emphasize noble colors and shades that can give the interior a certain charm and luxury: wine, graphite, emerald, golden and metallic, as well as invariable black color in combination with other, brighter and more contrasting elements of the decor will transform your apartment , giving it a sophisticated and exquisite notes of beauty and grandeur.

Walls - walls, but do not forget about furniture.

Noble shades of luxury.

Trends 2019.

The original interior of 2019.

4. Ideas of interior design 2019

Gray-blue shades in the interior.

The year 2019 is replete with diversity and originality of colors, shades, decorative elements, decoration fabrics, textiles and other nice knick-knacks and little things that harmoniously complement the interior, or play an accent role in the decor of the room.

The original design of the living room in 2019.

Color solutions for the kitchen.

Bedroom Design 2019.

Pastel pink.

Saturated green.

Fashionable color palette in interior design 2019.

Actual colors in the interior 2019.