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To be or not to be: what the choice of white floors for an apartment can turn into


White color in the interior is the most ambiguous. It generates a lot of controversy, because for some people it is easy, airy and effective, for others it is boring, resembling a hospital room.

Designers still have not come to a common opinion about whether it is appropriate to use white floors when decorating an apartment. Therefore, the most correct decision will be to consider all the pros and cons of this option, on the basis of which you can later make the right choice.

Corridor with white floors.

It is surprising that there are so many contradictions around white color, because it is natural, neutral, does not cause aggression attacks, like the same red, or excessive optimism, like yellow. However, when it comes to the use of white flooring in the interior, a lot of questions arise, starting with the problems that arise during the care of light floors, and ending with disputes about how they look - comfortable or sterile? At the same time, if such flooring is so hard to maintain in perfect shape, why are they increasingly used in the design of an apartment, and so Scandinavians, who are famous for their practicality, love so much? Let's try to figure it out.


1. Versatility

The white floor goes well with all colors and shades.

Versatility is the most important advantage of the white floor. This is the perfect background for your imagination, which gives freedom for creativity. If you use the floor covering of this color, as well as make the walls light, you can select furniture items of any colors for your home. With white perfectly combines all shades, ranging from classic black, and ending with a bright pink. If desired, you can change the sofa or wardrobe, not worrying that the concept of the interior is broken.

Modern kitchen with white parquet.

Not everyone can afford to hire a professional designer, preferring to do the repairs themselves. Such actions inevitably lead to stylistic and coloristic mistakes. If you choose a white floor as a base, then the probability of admitting a slip is significantly reduced, because you will not have to wrestle with combinations of different shades among themselves.

3. Expansion of space

White flooring makes the room bright and spacious.

This item is very important, because most modern apartments are not distinguished by large dimensions. In this case, the white floor comes to the rescue. He can visually expand the available space, make the room bright and spacious, fill it with air. Europeans have long adopted this property of white color, so it is increasingly used in small apartments.

4. Clear lines

The interior, which combines white and black, will give clarity to the lines.

Another positive feature of the white floor is enhanced contrast. If you apply it in the design of the house, the lines of all furniture and decorative items will become more clear. Together, this will lead to the fact that the interior will be "slim and fit."

5. Durability

Even the constant exposure to sunlight does not harm the white flooring.

Unlike bright colors, white for many years does not tarnish, does not fade in the sun and does not lose its original appearance. In addition, such floors will reflect the sun's rays, which will add light to the apartment. For Russia, where the weather is changeable all year round and the sun comes out infrequently from behind the clouds, this moment is very important.

6. Will be able to emphasize non-standard pieces of furniture.

White floor - a great background for original furniture.

The white floor will be a great helper for those who prefer to decorate the apartment with original furniture and decorative elements. He will be able to emphasize the volume and texture of objects, making them more expressive. At the same time, the floor will remain in the shadows, without drawing attention to itself.

7. Relevance

Bedroom in the Scandinavian style, where the base - white floor.

White floor was popular many centuries ago. Over time, he has not lost its relevance, on the contrary, it has become more popular. No matter what style of apartment you have: minimalism, Scandinavian, high-tech - white floors will always look appropriate. Even if after 5-10 years you want to change the style of the interior, the floor covering can be left the same, because it always remains in trend.

8. acts as a connecting element

White flooring combines furniture and decor items.

White floor will be able to combine all the items that are in the room, creating a single concept. This is the perfect connecting element. Even if it seems to you that the coffee table and the sofa are not combined with each other, the floor covering will smooth this sensation.


1. The room looks uncomfortable

If the whole room is decorated in white, it will be uncomfortable.

Unfortunately, most people compare a room in which there is a lot of white in color with a hospital ward. Hence the lack of coziness and comfort. Such a flooring gives the impression of instability. However, if you choose not on the cold shades, but on the powdery or ivory color, the interior will turn into a more comfortable one. Also, bright elements of decor, beautiful textiles and properly selected textures will be excellent assistants.

Bright curtains make the interior more comfortable.

2. Impractical

The white floor needs careful and regular cleaning.

On the bright floors visible the slightest stains, dust, dirt. And if the apartment has children and pets (cats, dogs), then the situation becomes quite deplorable. Therefore, be prepared for frequent cleaning, as well as the fact that the house must be present room slippers for you and your guests. Also stock up on modern detergents, read the various life hacks relating to cleaning to make life as easy as possible. With the right approach, cleaning the white floors will not be much more difficult than any other.

3. Bored

A bust with white color will make the interior boring.

White flooring may seem boring to many. If you use the same furniture, decoration materials, faceless decor, then in principle, it will be so - the interior will seem faceless. But to add a highlight to the floor covering is not difficult: it is enough to choose a bright carpet that matches the style. By the way, such an element can divide the space into zones, if you have a studio apartment or studio.

Bright carpet will be the highlight of the room.

Now you know about the pros and cons of white floors. It’s up to you to choose them for your apartment or not, because, as they say, there are no comrades to taste or color. Yes, this kind of flooring is impractical, brand-name, but one cannot allow the fear of cleaning to eclipse all the advantages of white: universality, freshness, relevance, beauty.

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