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12 good ideas zoning space a small studio apartment


12 good ideas zoning space a small studio apartment

Today, more and more popular studio apartments are becoming.

The owners have residential areas to your liking.

We have collected some good zoning ideas that are perfect for zoning a small space.

1. Imitation wall

Temporary wall imitation.

This is a temporary floor-to-ceiling wall that can be installed in any sector of an apartment for zoning living space. The main advantages of such a partition are that it takes up much less space than a real wall; it does not need to be built and rather simply moved.

2. Bar counter

Bar counter for kitchen zoning.

The bar counter, on the one hand, can be used as a dining table and additional working space, and on the other hand, a partition for zoning a small kitchen. With its help, it will be possible to divide the kitchen into a dining area and a cooking area.

3. Shelving

Stylish shelving.

A stylish rack with open and closed compartments will help divide the spacious room into functional areas. In our opinion, such a rack will fit into the interior of any modern apartment, and also solve the issue of storing books and various decorative trifles.

4. Podium

Low podium with niches and cabinets.

Partitions do not have to be high. For example, you can zone a living room using a small podium with various cells and lockers for storing all kinds of things.

5. Open cabinet

Open wardrobe.

A low open closet with a railing for hangers and a shelf for shoes will fit perfectly into the interior of a studio apartment and help separate the sleeping area from the living room or hallway. In addition, a rack of such a plan can be an interesting alternative to a wardrobe or chest of drawers.

6. Window frames

The partition of the window frames.

This decorative partition of old window frames is a great example of a creative approach to the zoning of space. In our opinion, such a technique is best suited for distinguishing the work area and the living room.

7. The Pyramid

Low modular shelving.

Low modular shelving is ideal for zoning small spaces. They are quite functional, as they allow you to store a lot of small things, but at the same time they take up less space than full cabinets.

8. Living wall

A partition from live plants.

Charming wall of living climbing plants perfectly fit into a modern studio in the style of a loft or rustic.

9. Through rack

Through rack medium height.

Medium-sized light through racks are one of the best options for zoning a small studio apartment. Such racks make the space more comfortable and allow you to divide the apartment into functional zones.

10. Curtains

Curtains made of beads.

The role of partitions can perform and curtains. In addition, this is probably the easiest way to zoning space. It is possible to use not only fabric samples, but also variants from beads or threads.

11. Glass partition

Stylish glass partition.

Glass partitions are good because they do not steal light at all, and the original design allows the partition to become a stylish design element.

12. Screen

Bamboo screen.

If you need a temporary collapsible partition option, use a folding screen. It can be moved from place to place, and as superfluous just to clean. By the way, another advantage of the screen is that they fit perfectly into both home and office spaces.

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