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When a tribute to the USSR hits the interior and the body: which items in the house should be abandoned


Some household items of the times of the USSR have so firmly entered into the minds of some people that abandoning them seems very difficult. But it would be okay if they would only damage the appearance of the dwelling!

Unfortunately, some household items, so beloved in Soviet times, can cause serious harm to the human body. Let's take a closer look at them in this material.

1. Soviet carpets

Business card of the USSR.

Paraphrasing the famous statement: you can take a person out of the USSR, but sometimes you can't take the USSR out of a person. Soviet carpets on the floor and on the walls are a real visiting card of the USSR. It turns out that now foreigners have a fashionable hobby - collecting photos of Soviet carpets in action (or, alternatively, against the background of these carpets).

Soviet exotic.

If the carpet on the floor can be somehow justified by everyday needs, then the carpet hanging on the wall is a real exotic bomb of the USSR. This tradition migrated from pre-revolutionary villages to Soviet urban dwellings. The purposes of hanging the carpet on the wall were very different: "pretty so", "freshen up the room", "keep the cover" (?), "From bedbugs" (???), etc. In actual fact, bugs adored to live just behind these carpets, since textiles are their natural habitat.

In the photo below - your humble servant at the age of 1 year is looking for the so-called "ha" behind the carpet (reptiles - translation from the children's language), namely the black dots left behind by the bedbugs. Severe Soviet entertainment, do not say anything ...

The girl is looking for traces of bedbugs behind the Soviet carpet. 1985

Soviet ritual of evoking purity.

Daily contact with carpets on the floor can lead to chronic allergies and asthma, as well as infection with worms in humans and domestic animals. The modern building materials market offers floor coverings for every taste and wallet, on which it is pleasant to walk either barefoot or in slippers. In a practical modern apartment there should be only two rugs - silicone in front of the bathroom and near the front door.

2. feather pillows

Goosebumps from just one picture ... Br-rr ...

And on such beauty, shown in the collage above, some post-Soviet citizens are still sleeping. There are also dwellings where feather pillows nest, which have not been cleaned for 20-60 years. And this is truly awful. And not only because the natural fat extracted from the bird's feather over the years turns the pillow into a messy mess, but also because in feather pillows they live in quantities in the billions, these are handsome…

Feather tick.

Meet: in front of you is an image of a feather tick, magnified under a microscope. It seems that this is a monster drawn from computer graphics from a modern fantastic horror movie. But no, this is a completely real creature that lives in feather pillows in colonies with millions of fellows and often leads to the development of allergies and asthma in the household. The harsh truth is that no loud advertising slogans on the windows of the atelier about cleaning the feather pillows will help to get rid of these creatures due to their microscopic size. This is a publicity stunt that should not be kept. The only place for a feather pillow today is an outdoor container for collecting waste.

3. Soviet tulle and curtain

Sad Soviet curtains ...

Unpresentable wooden window sill, window frame with fallen off paint and gray (formerly white) lace-like tulle that hadn't been washed for years. The window zones of some post-Soviet apartments still look like this. This is a real hotbed of dust, daily contact with which leads to allergies and asthma.

Until this dust oooooooooy how far ...

Dust accumulates also on the eaves of these dull blinds, and since few people see it there, they are not always aware of wiping. The author once conducted such an experiment: the old Soviet curtain was washed by hand in the pelvis with a preliminary daily soaking. The water after draining was black. But after washing, another wash was immediately carried out. And you know what? The water in the pelvis was again gray. That is, to wash this century-old dust is almost impossible. Draw your own conclusions. And to the nearest waste collection container, as a rule, very close.

4. Napkins Everywhere

Dust collectors ...

If textiles are laid out everywhere in the dwelling, then besides the problem of the accumulation of age-old untreated dust on it, a flea population may also arise. This is especially true of apartments in old brick houses, where there are classic basements with a fifty-year history. Fleas or their larvae can be brought into the apartment on the soles of shoes, and it is easy for these jumpers to settle in a cozy textile place. Fleas can cause dermatitis and people and pets, in addition, are carriers of a number of very unpleasant diseases.

Echoes of the Soviet past ...

In view of the constrained financial situation, Soviet people strove to cover with a napkin anything: a stain on furniture, peeling paint, a scratch on the surface. But the most knock-out argument on the topic of why put a napkin there and there, it is certainly "that there is no dust." It remains to just shrug! But in order to remove dust from a flat surface, it is enough to brush it with a dry or damp cloth for cleaning. But with textiles, dust can only be washed! In order for a dwelling to be eco-friendly, there must be a minimum of textiles in it. Ideally, this is just a curtain and bedspread on the bed.

5. The domination of Soviet figurines

Echoes of the Soviet past.

At someone's glance this may be cute. Let me just ask: who and how often dusts dust from them or washes them under running water? The answer is usually one: no one and never. Statues are a huge collection of intricate surfaces, and they are all covered with dust. In order for the room in which the statues are located to be environmentally friendly, they should be washed under running water at least once a week.

Double Trouble: Soviet rug plus ... STATUETOES !!!

The abundance of statuettes is an excellent reason to earn acute or chronic allergic rhinitis. And if you feel sorry for them to take to the trash, then just a couple of minutes of searching in Google will let you know the number of the local collector of these things (within just one block from the place of residence of your humble servant, such collectors go to the street reception point as many as three).

6. Laying for your favorite kitty

I want to sneeze from only one image ...

Earlier, when I wanted to sneeze, they brought a snuffbox to my nose. And now help you clear your nose will help ... litter for the cat. When you see the litter covered with lumps of felted cat wool on the next window sill or chair, you just want to ask: "Did your cat itself tell you that this rag is her favorite?"

The cat will fall on all that you offer.

It is enough to conduct an experiment: put a newspaper or a plastic bag on the floor. Your cat will settle for him immediately.

Eco-friendly, once a week, disposable bedding for a pet.

The secret is simple: cats just love ... lie down on something. Then why not give preference to eco-friendly litter for cats, sold in specialized pet stores? They are easy to clean and like pets.

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