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18 uncommon tips to help cope with minor household chores

Surely everyone was in unusual situations or faced with minor household problems that can spoil the mood.

But if you think a little and be smart, then you can find a way out of almost any situation.

In today's material we have collected 18 outstanding tips that will be useful in everyday life.

1. Collect shards

Collect small pieces.

With the help of a wide adhesive tape or adhesive tape, small fragments can be collected. To do this, apply the adhesive tape with a sticky part to the floor, each time cutting off and discarding the used piece. Do this until the tape becomes clean.

2. Movement with children

Getting around the airport with the kids.

Moving with the children at the airport or train station, clip the child seat to the suitcase and plant the child. This way you can free up your hands to move quickly around the building. Just do not forget that one of the adults must go behind in order to monitor the child.

3. Shell Protection

Protect the sink and avoid blockage.

If you are going to shave off your thick beard, cover the sink with a bag or oilcloth. This will avoid serious cleaning and clogging of the drain pipe.

4. Blackfly Trap

Remedy for fruit midges.

From liquid soap and vinegar you can make an excellent remedy for fruit midges. Mix the ingredients in a small bowl and place in the kitchen. The pungent smell of this product will attract the attention of insects more than fruits and berries.

5. Gel Protection

To gels and shampoos do not flow out.

Wrap the necks of bottles with gels and shampoos with cling film, and twist the caps on top. This will not allow funds to spill on the road.

6. Alternative to corkscrew

Alternative to the usual corkscrew.

If there was no corkscrew at hand, things that are in the suitcase of any man come to the rescue: a self-tapping screw and a nail puller. The process of extracting the cork is extremely simple: carefully screw in the screw, and then slowly remove it with a nail puller.

7. Carry Alcohol

Hide alcoholic beverage.

In a large glass of sweet drink, you can hide a small can of beer or other alcoholic beverage. Empty space can be filled with ice to keep the drink longer cool.

8. Garbage container

Garbage container made of scrap materials.

A temporary garbage container can be constructed from a classic stool, having fixed a usual package with handles on its legs.

9. Pocket for phone

"Pocket" for phone and trivia.

Properly securing the sheet behind the bed frame, you can get a place to store your mobile phone, glasses and a newspaper. Such a storage system will be especially useful for those who do not have a bedside table.

10. Cleaning the keyboard

Cleaning the keyboard from dirt and dust.

Using a regular sticker, you can effectively clean the keyboard. Just walk the sticky side of the sheet across the gaps of the keyboard.

11. Pit for repair

Car repair without pit.

Park the car over a pit or ditch, cover the groove with cardboard and proceed to repair. Such advice is useful to those whose car is in urgent need of repair, and there is no possibility to get into the garage with a pit or drop in on the overpass.

12. Fill the bucket

The bucket does not fit in the sink.

Filling a bucket in the sink can be problematic. However, if you use a plastic dustpan or a regular bottle with a cropped bottom, the process will go much faster.

13. Tire check

Check tires for damage.

Wet the wheel and apply the soap solution on the tire. If there is a puncture in the tire, the solution will foam or bubble.

14. Frozen butter

Quickly soften the butter.

Cover with a glass of boiling water and cover the package with frozen butter. This will quickly soften the cooled bar and make it suitable for use.

15. Mince Frosting

Packing minced under the freeze.

Pack the stuffing in a package, roll out with a rolling pin to make it as thin as possible, and only then send it in the freezer. These manipulations will reduce the time to defrost the product.

16. Alternative to matches

Long match.

Regular dry macaroni burns no worse than a match. Use this knowledge if you need to burn an inconvenient oven or a distant burner.

17. Cooling products

A simple way to cool products.

One or more kitchen sponges will easily turn your lunch box into a cooler bag. To implement this idea, wet sponges should be packaged in bags with clasps and sent to the freezer overnight. In the morning, put chilled washcloths in your container.

18. Refresh jeans

Quickly refresh your jeans.

It is not necessary to wash the jeans, if they have acquired the smell of mustiness. Just put them in a zip-package and put them in a freezer for a couple of hours.

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