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Wicker baskets: 15 charming examples of how to use them in the interior


How to clean up a small interior, and make it attractive? To achieve a positive result is quite simple. It is worth paying attention to the most ordinary wicker baskets. They are able to transform the interior and make it more practical!

Wicker baskets in the interior of the kitchen

Wicker baskets in the interior of the kitchen

Many housewives puzzle over how and where to store vegetables and fruits. Wicker baskets are perfect for this purpose. In such a container the potatoes do not germinate, the onions do not spoil, and the carrots do not wither. All because the baskets are well ventilated, they let in a minimum of light and they are absolutely eco-friendly!

Wicker baskets can decorate the open shelves, but if there is no such possibility, then it is enough to fix them on the kitchen island or closet. Then the necessary products will always be at hand and will not have to lean over them or reach out to them if they stand on the top shelves.

Baskets for storing vegetables and fruits

Cutlery storage basket

What can be stored in wicker baskets?

Convenient storage in wicker basket

In wicker baskets it is very convenient to fold towels, clean linen, baby clothes, books, vegetables, blankets and pillows. The interior of the cottage will look good for an organizer for firewood in the form of a high wicker basket. In the living room such an accessory is useful for storing magazines and newspapers. In the bedroom, you can put a small basket, where it will be convenient to fold socks, then they will not have to search for a long time or pull them out from under the bed.

Firewood in wicker baskets

In wicker baskets you can keep pillows and blankets

Where in the interior to find a place for wicker baskets?

Wicker baskets in the living room interior

Many people think that for wicker baskets you need to look for additional space and they are not quite suitable for small interiors. But in fact, this is the most popular storage systems from Scandinavian designers, and only they know a lot about conciseness and functionality.

Baskets in the rack

Stylish corner

Baskets can be put on the window sill, under the window, near the sofa, on the closet, in a niche. Baskets are easy to fasten to the wall, they are much lighter and more capacious than regular open shelves. They also look great in racks and dressers without doors.

An example of where you can hide wicker baskets

Baskets can be mounted on the wall

Additional functions

Baskets, as decorative elements

Baskets can perform not only the role of storage systems. They are able to decorate well the interior, especially if they have an interesting pattern or they stand out in color.

Stylish interior decoration

In addition, if you fold several closing baskets on top of one another, you get an interesting coffee table or bedside table.

Stylish table of baskets

If it is necessary that the basket was mobile and it was easy to move from one room to another, then you should pay attention to models equipped with wheels.

Cart on wheels