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19 ideas for the magical transformation of old furniture with their own hands


Each of us has old nightstands, and somewhere on the balcony or in the garage chairs are gathering dust. Meanwhile, you can give these things a second life, and at the same time forget about the way to the furniture store. And how nice it is to admire your little masterpiece afterwards and receive compliments from your friends!

We bring to your attention an inspiring review of the most interesting workshops with magical transformations of old furniture.

New life of the old table

Fantasy, a piece of colored fabric, glue and patience can greatly decorate and make the old table much more tender.

Toughened flower stand

A very stylish thing turned out to be thanks to velvet, fringe, beads, fantasy and patience.

Mirror chest

A stunning idea of ​​transformation. Such a chest of drawers will greatly decorate the interior.

Nightstand from the old shelf

Brushes, paints, perseverance - and the old waste shelf turned into interior decoration.

The second youth cabinet

Another transformation. Painting incredibly changes the appearance and mood of objects - the wardrobe looks younger and prettier.

Original furniture from pallets

On this page you will find some ideas for making beautiful and unusual furniture from wooden pallets. Practical, economical and looks cool.

Stylish chairs

So from the old ugly chairs turned out stylish charm. A creative approach, very few investments and you can proudly take the admiration of the guests.

Convertible sofa from nothing

A cute sofa, which will create inexpensively, and the beauty and comfort in the house will increase. How to make a sofa convertible from wooden pallets.

Beautiful chord

Transformation of an old acoustic guitar into an original shelf for storage of decorative trifles. It looks very unusual.

Secret box

From the old suitcase you can create such an original box for your favorite little things and secrets.

Mosaic decor

Mosaic can incredibly transform any piece of furniture. To pick up any colors, patterns. And using glue or liquid nails, meditating to lay out pictures.

Nightstand Rescue

Curbstone 60s saved. Now she is pleasing to the eye.

Extravagant box

Patience, accuracy and complete freedom of fantasy.

Royal plastic chair

All ingenious is simple! A cape on a plastic chair is an elegant solution. Very decorates and ennobles.

Bright kitchen

Ordinary paper wallpaper transformed the old kitchen in a magical way. Now it looks expensive and modern.

Painted chest

It never ceases to amaze the miracle of transformation with the help of color. The chest has become tender and romantic.

Vintage table from an old suitcase

The old grandma's suitcase got legs, a new color and a new life.

New Life Bureau

A sad old bureau plus a bit of effort, a creative approach and now a fresh, elegant piece of furniture.

Case showcase from an old suitcase

Case showcase for dishes with a suspension for glasses from a suitcase. Such an unusual decision will add zest to the interior.