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Live decor: 17 inspirational ideas for creating a beautiful flower garden at home


Flower garden thing is not only beautiful, but also extremely useful. You can create such a place on your own plot near the house or directly inside the house, if you know how to do it correctly. In the new review were collected examples that should assist in this endeavor.

1. Shelves for pots

Vertical garden.

Simple wooden shelves with holes for flower pots are an original idea for placing indoor plants and decorating a wall.

2. Terrarium

Terrarium in a light bulb.

Incredibly, old light bulbs can be turned into fabulous home decorations. You just need to remove the insides of the bulb, put dry soil inside and carefully plant succulents or any other plants that can grow without soil. You can decorate the composition with dry moss.

3. Tulips in a glass

Flowers in glasses.

Turn the window sill into a fragrant flower garden. Tulips growing in tall glass cups are a terrific idea for those who want to enjoy flowers all year round.

4. Garden in the lid

Vertical mini-garden in the lid.

A charming composition of plants, dry moss and colored gravel, placed in an aluminum can lid.

5. Palm leaf

Hanging garden in the palm leaf.

A hanging garden made of palm leaves and leather will be a creative decoration for a window or wall.

6. Wooden pot

Succulents in the branch.

Succulents and the so-called "air" plants planted in a tree branch, will be a unique decoration of the house.

7. Tin cans

Flowers in tea cans.

Tea tin cans, decorated with decoupage, painted or stickers will be a bright alternative to ordinary flower pots.

8. Herb garden

Spicy herbs in glass jars.

Wonderful composition of ordinary glass jars, standing in the old locker, perfect for growing herbs right in your kitchen. The original markers with the names of plants will become a stylish completion of such a garden.

9. Wooden board

Board with wooden boxes for plants.

A square board with wooden boxes nailed to it is an original idea for the beautiful cultivation of indoor plants.

10. Golden dishes

Plants in pots.

Old kitchen utensils can be turned into exquisite pots for indoor plants. Paint the dishes in a golden color to give it a graceful and noble look, plant the flowers and boldly put them in a visible place.

11. Panel

Panel with plants and backlight.

Candles and small plants in small glass jars attached to a regular tray will add grace and comfort to your home and will be a wonderful decoration for any room.

12. Hanging Garden

Hanging garden under the ceiling.

You can decorate with plants not only window sills, tables, cabinets and walls, but also the ceiling. Plants hanging on the threads under the ceiling, look incredibly stylish and impressive.

13. Tea set

Plants in cups.

Unnecessary tea set is a charming alternative to ordinary flower pots. Cups with plants can be beautifully placed on a tray and stick in them antique spoons. Such a composition will be a great decoration of the dinner table.

14. Plastic containers

Plastic containers for plants.

Surely, each house there are several plastic cups and containers of yogurt. Wrap jars with coarse ropes and use them to grow plants at home.

15. Bright design

Upgrade ordinary pots.

A neat painting and a little imagination will help turn boring flower pots into a real work of art. A bright gravel will be a spectacular addition to a bright design and it will be beneficial to emphasize the beauty of the plants.

16. Cranes

An interesting idea for a vertical garden.

Shabby metal containers with plants and old water taps can become extremely stylish and original wall decorations of a modern home.

17. Suspended drawers

Suspended pots.

Wonderful flower pots can be made from wooden bars, which will become a real highlight of any home.