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For a penny: 17 simple and stylish pieces of furniture made from pallets


In the new traditional review were collected several outstanding examples of modern and very stylish furniture made from pallets. To pay attention to the new selection is worth everyone, because surely something will attract even the most sophisticated specialists in this field.

1. Vertical garden

Stylish vertical garden.

Old waste pan is perfect for creating the original vertical garden. To make the product look even more attractive, paint the pallet white, attach a bright nesting box to it and use colored pots for plants.

2. Kitchen

Bar counter of pallets.

Kitchen cabinet with sink and bar, made of several old pallets, looks very stylish and unusual.

3. Hanger

Hanger in the hallway.

From the pallets, painted in a bright color, with hooks fastened to it, you will get a wonderful hanger for outerwear and bags.

4. Wall

Wall decorated with pallets.

Several old pallets attached to the wall will help to update the living room interior without high costs.

5. Cupboard under the sink

Curbstone under the sink in the bathroom.

Give pallets a new life in the form of the original cabinet under the sink. This budget solution will be a spectacular and functional decoration of a boring bathroom.

6. Bench

Bench in the hallway.

From the old pallet you can make a comfortable, and most importantly, a unique bench and nothing like a bench in the hallway.

7. Reading Corner

Corner sofa for reading.

From pallets and soft pillows you can make a fantastic corner for reading, which will perfectly fit into the interior of the nursery.

8. Folding table


Functional, ergonomic and budget idea of ​​transforming old pallets into a stylish shelf-table that fits perfectly into the interior of a small room.

9. Shelf for the bathroom

Wolf to the bathroom.

Boards from the old unfit pallet are useful for creating a shelf-table in the bathroom. This idea will appeal to people who love to spend an hour or two, lying in the bath with a glass and a book.

10. Shelving


The original and very convenient rack made of old pallets will fit perfectly into any space and allow you to place a lot of different things.

11. Tumba

Mobile stand

Wonderful transformation of pallets into a mobile vintage cabinet with convenient compartments for storing magazines and books.

12. Desktop


The stunning transformation of old pallets into a compact and convenient desktop with cells for storing books and notebooks.

13. Dining table

Large dining table.

Charming dining table made of pallet is a great solution for a large family.

14. Sofa

Sofa of pallets.

Modern stylish sofa with a frame of pallets and soft cushions. This sofa is not inferior to factory furniture, but will cost much less.

15. Box

Box on wheels.

A small box on wheels, made of pallets, is perfect for storing children's toys.

16. Chest

Large chest of drawers.

A unique chest of drawers in a rustic style that can be made from several pallets.

17. Coffee station

Organizer for cups.

It will be much more convenient to store cups, coffee, cream and syrups in a special organizer made from a tray.