Useful ideas

Before and after: Ideas for different rooms and your home


The fashion for the reorganized space is gaining popularity, which is natural, since it helps save money and time to repair "from scratch". Do not rush to get rid of old furniture, especially if it is made of natural materials. Perhaps, revived items, thanks to your creative impulse, will be the best acquisition for a particular room.

Valuable acquisition

A rocking chair in this form should not be shown to anyone, but we do not recommend repairing it right away, because we don’t recommend getting rid of it - it’s very unusual. By the way, the purchase of a new rocking chair in the store will cost a lump sum, and if you redo an item inherited from you, you can add a stylish accent to the interior.

We like the idea of ​​completely transforming an old rocking chair into an unusual object, which will become an accent of the interior of the bedroom or any other room. The perforated back inspired the author to embroidery with multi-colored threads, and the rich yellow color changed the chair beyond recognition.

Antiquarian miracle

Vintage items can rightfully be attributed to luxury, which is not available to many. You can leave the antique kredens dark, but its owners decided that such a thing should sound new.

After credens was repainted in an unexpected coral shade, the carving covering the figured elements began to read much better. Such a piece of furniture is perfect for a living room or a dining room, but if you decorate it with a tabletop, you decide.

Sun and waves

This small kitchen previously did not claim to be one of the brightest rooms: the black apron visually reduced the area, the facades look sparse, and the floor and ceiling are completely unremarkable.

As a result of reworking a small kitchen, bright living accents, stylized aqua and sun glare appeared in it. The apron was brightened by several tones - now it is the color of graphite, which is duplicated on the facades in the form of graphic stripes.

Can not be removed, remake

The old worn-up padding with a pattern of burnt flowers could no longer cover this couch. But getting rid of such a characteristic piece of furniture would be an interior crime.

The author gave the couch a new, more interesting life, removing an unnecessary frill at the base, and completely changing the upholstery. In this form, the furniture looks easy and unbanal, and the combination of colors on the upholstery allows you to install the couch where you want.

Place of fire

A fireplace is an object so romanticized that in an effort to acquire one, many use its imitations - not always successful. So, for example, this pseudo-fireplace with rough contrast stands out against the light wall.

The fireplace in white with a slightly modified laying of tiles around the firebox looks much more aesthetically pleasing and modern. In addition, the design of the surrounding fireplace space can be any: different colors, patterns and textures are perfectly combined with white.

We grow good

The room, which is destined to become a nursery, simply cannot be dark, in this case, the cherry tint on the walls is not appropriate here. This color is suitable for another, more "adult" interior.

On a neutral light background, any wall decor will look better, and the interior will thus become brighter, which is especially important for a child's room. It is better not to curtain small windows with thick curtains, but to decorate it with translucent tulle, as in the photo below. Graphic images of multi-storey buildings will create the illusion of a larger volume in space and will not let the baby get bored.

Put and close

Floor sections for books, décor or children's toys might well have remained open, but the owners thought it necessary to hide the contents.

Now the modules, which were previously placed simply on the floor, climbed high legs and were supplemented with facades with a zigzag pattern. Creatively and accentually new chests transformed the room, which has become more stylish.

Gently stele

Stable armchair with a high soft back, but with a very outdated upholstery, with many difficult to remove stains - this is not the best interior decoration. Such an item needs to be updated so that it re-takes its place.

Do not be afraid of colors, because as they make everyday life better and certainly more beautiful. Thanks to the new look of the old chair, it’s hard to imagine now that it looked a bit different before.

Transition period

There are several items in this interior that clearly make it clear: the room needs repair and space reorganization. Why are only strange curtains, old faceless furniture and sad shades.

The main works have been done: the room is flooded with light, there are no unnecessary things in it, which were replaced by a laconic sofa with legs, a light practical rug and original accessories.

Little big game

The entrance zone in a private house is now devoid of any decoration techniques, and it urgently needs repair. Each surface here is a clean sheet and has good potential.

As a result of all the efforts, we got a completely new interior, in which there was a place for the most necessary objects in the hallway. Special attention should be paid to the unusual large mirror in the end of the room, as well as a bench with a high back and an ornamental carpet on the floor.

Deciding to change is much more difficult than starting and completing the renovation of a room that has long demanded special attention. At the same time, you may be faced with an easier task than it seems, and it is enough just to change pieces of furniture in places, to build a functional structure for storage, or simply to get rid of unnecessary old things in order to evaluate the benefits of your own housing differently.

Next, we propose to evaluate the result of the reorganization of the space of different rooms, and to find inspiration in them in order to begin redevelopment already in our apartment or in a particular room.

Full update

It would seem that before us is quite a safe bathroom - clean and tidy, but from the point of view of design it is boring and completely unremarkable. Faded monotonous walls, inconvenient sink and not enough space to store bath accessories.

After this bathroom passed the stage of reconstruction, light and volume appeared in it, and due to the visual effects created by the relief of the tile and the geometric pattern on the floor, the interior was completely transformed.

Even easier

A small dining room, at first glance, looks pretty cute, but there is, nevertheless, a feeling that something is too much in it. In addition, a window with dark frames is not the best solution for a small room.

Looking at the photo below, it is difficult to imagine that recently in the room under the ceiling there were contrasting cornices of black color, dark green frame color and heavy dark baseboard that crushed space. Without them, the dining group, surrounded by light, light shades and unobtrusive decor, became much more harmonious, didn't it?

Bright and at ease

A large number of natural wood or its imitation in one small room makes it look like a hole. The interior, decorated with the use of wood as the main material, in addition, one color - this is an obvious search.

A completely opposite effect came out when the office was decorated with the advantage of light natural shades, and the texture and design of the tree were left only on the floor in order to preserve the feeling of warmth in the room. Several unusual decorative accents - color and texture, were the final in this case.


Before its transformation, this kitchen was an example of the average design, but there was no question of any originality. Dark tiled floor with an obscure pattern and the ceiling, painted in the color of the walls, reduced the height of the already low room.

It is worth noting how the appearance of the kitchen has changed due to the use of white, as the main color (including for the ceiling, and for the countertop). Black color, on the contrary, is applied in the form of verticals, and visually “pulls” the height of the room. Laconic facades without relief and hanging cabinets to the ceiling act in the same direction, increasing the volume of the room.

Focus on functionality

Before the reorganization, the image of the interior of this living room was not perceived holistically: an irrelevant crushed stone on the fireplace portal, strange window decorations, and an interesting color range spoiled the good impression of the room, which has considerable potential.

Whites, as you know, start and win - in the case of a converted living room interior, these words sound particularly appropriate. Thus, a heavy brick was literally “saved” by lightening, and the previously unused walls on the sides of the portal are now decorated with neat racks up to the ceiling. It was decided to add a window only with bamboo Roman curtains, and light furniture, a chandelier, a lot of greenery and various accessories supported the theme of environmentally friendly and fashionable interior now.

Meaningful decision

A rather wide distance between small windows was occupied by a rack with open and closed sections, which hid a certain amount of natural light. The photo shows that the room is low, so it is impossible to place too high or large furniture in it.

It was decided to completely dismantle the upper part of the rack, and to add the lower part to the tabletop. In addition, the owners moved such a chest of drawers to another part of the living room and placed it near a wider wall, where the object looks appropriate and organic, being an aid for table lamps and a monitor.

Cleanliness and tidiness

In this case, the dressing room in the children's room is organized chaotically, also, it has a hint of a recreation area formed by a pile of blankets and pillows.

The hosts of the house visited a great idea to remake the dressing room into a multifunctional area, including: a wardrobe, a place to store seasonal items and toys, as well as a place for games and recreation, formed by a hanging shelf mezzanine.

Lounge do it yourself

We often and a lot think how to organize the space of a loggia or balcony in the most correct way. Not always, people find a solution, leaving the design until better times, as the photo below illustrates.

The suspended ceiling structure was dismantled, replacing it with a more romantic decor - wooden beams, painted in snow-white color. After the works on wall and floor weatherization, a comfortable soft sofa with a scattering of motley pillows was placed in the loggia, it turned out light, cozy and comfortable, besides the atmosphere disposes to rest and pleasant communication.

Stylish and light

Before the remodeling, this bathroom looked somewhat heavy and dark, despite the rather light shades in the design.

Here the transformation became obvious, because the space was almost completely changed. The surfaces were brightened, and the marbled tiles added to the room a well-known gloss. Also, the level of fastenings of the protective partition was raised above, added sources of light, neat corner shelves and replaced plumbing.


This small dressing area looks even smaller than it actually is, and all because elementary objects are not in their places. So, the shelves with shoes are recessed deep into the roof slope, and the chest of drawers is uncomfortable.

Take a look at the picture now: the walls are difficult to recognize behind the bright pattern of the wallpaper covering them, the chest of drawers was unfolded and installed where previously there was a bookcase with shoes for which, apparently, a better storage place was found.