Useful ideas

How to equip a mini-bar in an apartment or house


We continue to share with you interesting and useful ideas for improving the living space. And today we will talk about how to create a special zone, which for everyone is identified with a carefree rest and relaxed lounge-atmosphere of noisy parties and holidays.

Let's take a look at how to equip your home mini-bar so that it fits the format of your home.

Stationary or mobile

First of all, in the intention to equip your home mini-bar, you should determine its future dimensions, the choice of which directly depends on the relevance of such a zone for your home.

So, for example, if you quite often organize friendly parties or spend corporate evenings in the walls of your own country house, then you cannot do without a mini-bar. Therefore, it is better to equip a stationary bar, which will have everything you need to maintain a relaxed atmosphere of the event.

In a small apartment, it is enough to use a special multi-tiered table, complete with wheels, thanks to which the mini-bar can be moved as needed. In addition, such an object does not take up much space, and the cart can be placed in a certain corner, in a small niche or even behind the doors of the built-in storeroom.

Choosing a location

The place where the mini-bar will be located on a permanent basis should be chosen on the basis of the room in which guests are received in your house.

  • Kitchen

Perhaps friendly gatherings often take place within the kitchen-dining room, in which case the mini-bar should be located close to the dining group, bar, or kitchen island, which serves as a table.

  • Balcony or Loggia

The idea of ​​arranging a mini-bar in a closed (or open) balcony space seems to us particularly interesting, due to the fact that for those sitting at the folding table there is a beautiful view (at the garden, park, city panorama, lake), which contributes to a more pleasant atmosphere. .

Believe me, even within a small and narrow balcony, you can create a comfortable environment if you install a shelving or bookcase against a wall for glasses and drinks, put folding or bar stools, and also mount a compact folding worktop.

  • Living room

Not less often than in the kitchen, in the living room there are also invited or friendly evenings, so the presence of a mini-bar here is very appropriate. Depending on how large the dimensions of the room are, the size and configuration of the mini-bar you choose accordingly. This can be a combination of floor and wall cabinets in the style of a cupboard, or the combination of a floor cabinet built into a niche with glass hanging shelves. Also, a mini-bar in the living room can be represented by a special type of dresser - a low cupboard called a credenza.

  • On the periphery

In the case when guests in your apartment gather in an adjacent room, for example, in the kitchen-living room, it is better to place the mini-bar so that its contents are not far from the sofa or dining group. At the same time, it is worth thinking about the fact that the distance to the sink in the kitchen is not significant, if the mini-bar does not provide an extra bowl.

  • Function and comfort

When you determine where and in what form the mini-bar will be located in your house, you need to think about how to fill it. This is not about the choice of drinks and toppings, but about the necessary equipment and components. For example, you may need a mini-fridge, rails for glasses, holders for bottles and shakers, sections for trays, vintage wines. Well, if the bar will contain a separate sink, then cleaning the dishes and glasses will be quick and easy, and you will not have to constantly cruise to the kitchen and back.


In the case when the area of ​​the apartment is not enough to create a full-fledged mini-bar, you can equip a small bar area with the help of a wall-mounted transformer, which turns into a bar counter with shelves for drinks and glasses, if you tilt its outer wall

  • Stylization

Indispensable attributes of bars in institutions is a certain diffused lighting and mirror inserts on the wall behind the shelves with drinks.

We recommend to take note of a similar design method using pendant lights with low-power lamps, LED lighting built into the cabinets, and mirror elements.

Mirrors can cover a section of a wall, for example, with a solid canvas, fragments with a chamfer, or in the form of a mosaic, but in any case, they are necessary when designing a home mini-bar.