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Beautiful details for serving the table: 20+ ideas and 10 workshops

It is not necessary to go to a restaurant if an important event is coming up or you just want a beautiful and elegant dinner. You can set the table, which will cause delight, by yourself. At the same time, you don’t even need to buy an expensive set - just a couple of original decor details. We have selected for you several master classes that will teach you how to set the table quickly, effectively and without big expenses.

Start with the napkins

Have you noticed how a table in a restaurant is transformed by a neatly folded napkin? At home, we usually take napkins as necessary from a napkin holder, but for a special occasion, we need to put this item on each plate before dinner. Ideally, the cloth will be cloth, but thick paper is also suitable. And how to minimize it, see below.

This napkin will be a pocket for cutlery or a flower:

You can simply put a graceful rosette napkin on a plate or place it in a glass, complementing it with a green napkin leaf.

Focus on appliances

Devices can not just put on a napkin, but also to issue. The easiest option is to tie them together with a ribbon or a rope, adding a nice detail like a flower. For example:

Between the teeth of the fork, you can pin a guest card, if you have a big event.

An interesting idea is not to put the devices, and put in individual jars.

For dinner for 2-4 people, you can put the devices in the general basket, which will also be a table decoration. By the way, the basket is also useful for bread, so here is a master class on how to weave it independently from newspaper tubes.

Central composition

On a large table where dishes and dishes fit freely, it would be appropriate to add a large decorative object or a group of smaller objects. Ideally, their shape will emphasize the geometry of the table: a round vase will look great on a round, and a rectangular or several small objects at a distance from each other will look great on an elongated one. Best of all, if this decor is low, so as not to interfere with you to communicate with the person opposite.

The simplest: put the flowers in the center of the table. Here are some inspiring examples:

If you want something more original, then go ahead! We liked these workshops:

1. Balloon from a balloon

You will need a vase or a flowerpot, a basket, a helium balloon and some macrame skills. Mastering the technique will help step by step instructions on the second photo. By the way, the balloon can be inflated with ordinary air, then it should be held at the top by a wand stuck in flowers.

2. Turntables in a can

Instead of flowers in a vase - bright paper turntables in a simple glass or tin can to surprise the guests. They are especially good for summer feasts.

And do not be afraid to experiment with the unusual use of familiar objects: even if it is not entirely clear how it all turned out to be part of the serving, every detail looks in its place!

Food as decor

Do not forget that beautifully served dishes are the main joy for both eyes and stomach. Separate products can decorate the table purposefully. Leaders, of course, are fruits, but the idea with a carrot is also good: