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11 housekeeping tricks that don't really work


Surely at least once each of you tried to use the "ingenious" trick and with the help of improvised means to remove the stain from the clothes or to clean resistant dirt. Some of these tricks worked, some did not. But who wants to spend their time and energy if the result turns out to be zero.

We decided to save your time and collected 11 popular life hacks from the Internet, which for the most part will not work ... unless the stars successfully converge.

Wet towel in the ventilation grill for a pleasant smell in the house

Ventilation pulls air out of the room, and not vice versa. And besides, blocking the outflow of air is not the best idea. It is much safer and easier to buy an air freshener.

A slice of lemon in the dishwasher for dishes without streaks

Even if you put a whole lemon before starting it, it will not affect the cleanliness of your dishes. With a large flow of water plying in the dishwasher during operation, the acid from the lemon will be only a drop in the sea. If you want your dishes to sparkle, it is best to use a special rinse.

Car wax in order to protect the surface of the slab from sticking grease stains

Don't even think about doing it. Seriously. Car wax is toxic and sometimes fire hazardous. Nowadays, many plate cleaners leave behind a thin film that will later make it much easier to clean the surface from dirt. Use them, and even better - remove the spots immediately after they appear.

Soda + vinegar as a universal cleaner

This method does not work. Soda - alkali, vinegar - acid, they only mutually neutralize each other, and all that we get when they are mixed at the outlet is a solution of water and salt. And a lot of bubbles. Which, by the way, will help to slightly remove the dirt or clog in the sink, but this is all that you will achieve. The best effect can be achieved if you use two substances separately.

Cornstarch as a means for cleaning stains from iron

In this way, you definitely will not bring your thing back to life. But try immediately after an unpleasant incident to wash damaged clothes with stain remover. The result can please you.

Lemon combined with salt for the purity of the kitchen board

This method, of course, will help to wipe away small contaminants and sanitize your board, but it certainly will not cope with traces of hot dishes or stubborn stains, even if you add baking soda, as suggested on some sites.

Mouthwash as a washing machine cleaner

Another useless undertaking. All you need to keep your washing machine clean is once a month to pour a little bleach into the cleaning bin and turn on the rinse mode or the regular wash.

Melamine sponge as a means of cleaning the toilet

Of course, this magic sponge can cope with many types of pollution in your home. But can it remove rust stains or limescale from the toilet bowl? The answer is no. It is better to entrust this work to special cleaning products, after all, it was not for nothing that they were invented.

Hairspray as a stain remover

If your hairspray contains alcohol, then yes, this trick is ideal for removing ink stains. But now almost no find manufacturers that would produce such varnishes. The easiest way is to simply take the alcohol and rub it into the stain with a sponge.

Saline solution to keep things bright

If the fabric is not dyed properly, then no “grandmothers” advice will help you to prevent the clothes from fading with each subsequent wash.

Sparkling water as a toilet cleaner

And who only comes up with this. Firstly, it is simply not able to remove many stains, as well as many germs. And secondly, a soda can is about the same as the most common toilet cleaner, although the latter can be used many more times.