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How in few minutes to parents with children to paint eggs for the Easter holiday


Despite the fact that outside the window the cold and spring will not come into their own, the holidays have not been canceled by anyone.

And next in line is the celebration of Easter. Traditional on the table is not only a cake, but also painted eggs.

There are many ways to paint eggs, ranging from banal onion peel and finishing with glitter decoration. We collected 15 different ways, so it will not be boring.

1. Electrical tape

Decor with electrical tape.

Original staining of eggs in several stages using thin strips of electrical tape. In addition to the adhesive tape, you will need food colors in several colors, containers and a place for drying eggs.

2. Glitters

Eggs decorated with sparkles.

Turn chicken eggs into gems, fascinating with their brilliance and shine! To do this, boil a paste of corn or potato starch and water, cover the surface of the boiled egg with it, sprinkle with glitter, apply another layer of paste over the top and leave to dry.

3. Mosaic effect

Painting with a mosaic effect.

A simple and original way of painting eggs with a mosaic effect, for the implementation of which will require adhesive tape or adhesive tape. You will also need food dyes of two colors, separate containers and a place for drying eggs. Dip the eggs in a container with the dye, wait for the allotted time, remove and put to dry. At this time, a lot of small triangles should be cut out from tape or adhesive tape and pasted on the shell, leaving small gaps between the figures. When all the triangles are glued, lower the eggs into a container with a dye of a different shade, remove them after a time, leave to dry, and then carefully peel off the figures from the tape.

Silk dyeing.

Not the most harmless, but very effective and fairly simple way to decorate eggs is dyeing with silk. To implement this idea, you will need small pieces of natural silk fabric with drawings. Raw eggs should be tightly wrapped in a cloth, fastened with thread and cooked with vinegar.

5. Onion Husk

Egg decor with natural materials.

Using banal onion peel, leaves, flowers and grass, chicken eggs can be turned into real works of art. To do this, onion peel need to fill with water, boil for at least one hour, and then strain. In the meantime, raw eggs should be washed, attached to the shell of previously prepared natural material and tightly wrapped with nylon or gauze. Prepared eggs dip in a decoction of onion peel and cook for 10-15 minutes.

6. Marble effect

Painting eggs using sunflower oil.

To create a marvelous marble effect you will need sunflower oil and food coloring. Dilute the paint according to the instructions, add half a spoonful of sunflower oil, stir. Dip the egg in a container with a dye, in the process of dyeing, periodically turn it over with a spoon or forceps. Remove the egg sharply and let it dry. At the expense of an oil film paint will get easy marble effect.

7. Wax patterns

Abstract wax patterns.

To create beautiful patterns on the shell will help wax. The process is extremely simple: dip the egg in a food dye, dry it, draw simple abstract lines on the shell with warm wax, and then paint it again in a dye of a different color.

8. Chaotic divorces

Coloring through the napkin.

Another interesting way to bright colorful decor eggs with a napkin. To implement the idea, wrap a boiled egg in a paper napkin, dissolve dyes of several colors in different containers. Next, moisten the brush in the paint and apply on a napkin until it is completely covered with paint.

9. Decoupage

Decoupage eggs.

Decoupage is another great way to decorate eggs for the holiday. Moreover, the process of its implementation is so simple that even a child can cope. From the materials you need: a napkin with a beautiful pattern, paste, boiled from water and starch, and a brush. Cut out small blanks from the napkins, attach them to the shell and begin to gently smooth the pattern with a brush dipped in paste. In the process, try to smooth out all the folds. When the eggs are dry, cover them with another decorative layer. To do this, mix food coloring with a small amount of paste.

10. Natural colors

Eggs painted with natural dyes.

If you are an opponent of food coloring, try painting eggs with natural products. A decoction of turmeric will give the shell a yellow tinge, beets will color the eggs in muted pink, red cabbage will help to get interesting blue shades, onion peel - brown, and blueberries will make them gray.

11. Glitter

Eggs painted and decorated with sparkles.

Eggs painted with food coloring in one tone and decorated with sparkles look very stylish.

12. Funny faces

Eggs with funny little faces.

Dip the elongated end of the egg in a food dye, and on the clean surface, paint the eyes, nose and mouth. Get funny little faces in the caps. Complete the composition with miniature paper flowers.

13. Combined decor

Decor paint and foil.

Decorate eggs can be a combined way. For this part of the egg color in food dyes, and decorate the other part with foil.

14. Pineapple

Eggs in the form of pineapples.

Eggs in the form of pineapples look very bright and will become a real decoration of the table. To implement such an idea, paint the shell yellow, let it dry, and decorate the top with a volume appliqué.

15. Simple painting

Simple painting with felt-tip pen.

Fun and very simple painted boiled eggs, which can be easily repeated at home with the help of ordinary markers.

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