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How easy it is to make a balcony cabinet


What to do if there is no closet, and there is no particular desire to buy closets and to overload the apartment with them? Where to store tools, little used items or conservation?

Make a curbstone on the balcony with your own hands, because this is a great place to store things.

Free up space!

Curbstone on the balcony is a great opportunity to free up useful space in the apartment. The corridor and other rooms that require unloading to perform their basic functions suffer from cluttering. The advantage of making a balcony table with their own hands is in substantial budget savings, as well as in individual planning. This is true for balconies and loggias, where you can not buy standard furniture.

Interesting balcony ideas

The curbstone can become for you not only storage, but also a highlight of an interior. Today, the balcony can not be called a warehouse of rubbish, such times are a thing of the past. Even planning to put there furniture, you need to remember to make it in the same style with the decoration of the balcony. Storage of things can be combined with other useful features.

Interesting options for using thumbs:

  • flower lovers will appreciate the possibility of placing their collection on the top of the pedestal in the summer;
  • putting a beautiful tabletop cover and putting a stylish vase on top, you get a stylish decor;
  • you can put chairs next to it, then the dresser turns into a table where you can drink tea and read books in the warmer months;
  • if the top cover is made with soft upholstery, and the design itself is low, then you will get a resting place - a mini-chair or an ottoman;
  • adding to the previous solution bright cushions, carpet and decorative elements, get a luxurious oriental-style balcony.

In this list you will find the answer, why it is better to choose a cabinet, and not a closet to the ceiling. The wardrobe is massive and can visually reduce the already modest space. In this sense, the cabinet will be a more acceptable option. In addition, it is easier to do it yourself in the small size.

Balcony and its features

The balcony is part of the apartment, which has limited space and is not heated, moreover, it is not always glazed. It means that it can be quite cold and wet there - this is important to consider when making furniture with your own hands.

The main requirements for the curbstone on the balcony:

  • built-in furniture is ideal for a balcony - there are no extra walls that "eat up" space;
  • furniture should not close the passage and access to the windows;
  • with an open type of balcony, furniture made of ordinary materials will quickly become useless. Only waterproof materials - plastic or metal;
  • before you make a cabinet, pay attention to the doorway - whether the finished parts of the product will pass into it.

To curbstone organically fit into the interior of the balcony, make the facades in the same style or of the same material as the rest of the finish. The best time to make furniture is when the balcony is completely finished. First, the only way to make accurate measurements, without making corrections to the layers of insulation and finishing materials. Secondly, installing a cabinet on an unprepared balcony is irrational, since it will again have to be dismantled and taken out during repairs.

How to make a cabinet itself

All works begin on paper - an approximate and detailed drawing of the future product is to be measured. Tools and devices for work: a tape measure, paper for drawings, a simple pencil.

What you need to measure and draw:

  • bollard dimensions: height, width and depth;
  • the desired number of shelves and the gaps between them;
  • the number of doors and their sizes.

Much depends on the choice of model - built-in options do not have their own side panels and rear wall. This saves materials, space and reduces work time. Sometimes you need to design a corner structure that requires a special approach. Doors make sliding sludge swing. The first option will be useful in the case of space, and the second - for a narrow balcony. The legs for the balcony furniture are not at all obligatory - dust accumulates under them, so it is better to put the cabinet directly on the floor or on the frame of the bars.

Selection of materials

After measurements, you must select the appropriate materials. Most often for balcony furniture take the remnants of the finishing and repair work. If nothing like this, then they need to purchase and build a beautiful cabinet. In any case, to make a product with your own hands is cheaper than buying a finished product.

The most reliable materials for a balcony:

  • MDF panels;
  • plastic;
  • ordinary lining.

A piece of plastic windowsill can serve as a cover for the cabinets. The above materials are resistant to temperature changes and moisture. This is a guarantee that the furniture will not begin to fall apart from the balcony climate.

Variants of materials for heated balcony:

  • laminated chipboard;
  • OSB and thick plywood.

Contact the company, where, according to your drawings, you will cut the finished parts - you just have to twist them. When ordering cutting chipboard, MDF need to take into account the need for lamination of open edges.

Preparatory work

Make sure you have everything you need for assembly, so that in the midst of the work you do not run to the hardware store.

The list of materials and accessories for assembling cabinets:

  • finished parts of chipboard, plastic, MDF, thick plywood or other material;
  • wooden bars 40x40;
  • metal corners;
  • fasteners for shelves, hinges or slide for doors;
  • decorative elements, such as panels for joints;
  • door handles;
  • screws, screws and shackles;
  • Bars for the frame to give rigidity to the whole structure.


  • Hacksaw or jigsaw;
  • screwdriver or electric drill with the necessary drills, bits for euroscrews;
  • level;
  • furniture marker;
  • screwdriver;
  • hammer.

Tools for the simplest - to make such furniture with their own hands, everyone can.

Assembly cabinets

We offer you a description of the built-in design without the back wall and side panels. The role of these surfaces will play the balcony walls. This option is the most simple to implement and minimal in budget.

Step-by-step description of the assembly of the cabinet:

  • It is necessary to make a frame: we take the bars and fix them in parallel on the outer and inner walls of the balcony.
  • We also fix the support for the base of the cabinet to the floor.
  • Check the correct position of the beams using the level.
  • Wooden supports should be strengthened in the bearing part with metal corners.
  • The bearing bars are connected with stiffeners - at the same time they play the role of supports, on which shelves will be placed.
  • Now you need to install the door on the hinges.
  • From above on the received box the cover is established and fastens corners.
  • The final step: accessories for doors and decorative finishing of the joints.

It turned out a stationary pedestal for very modest money, or even free of charge - from the remnants of chipboard, plastic window sill or plywood. As the material of the doors and covers, you can use the lining.

Ideas for balcony furniture can inspire the transformation of the entire balcony. But the main thing is that you can do it yourself. In just a few hours you will receive a nice balcony cabinet. Now many things will be able to find a permanent place for themselves, and the apartment will become more spacious.

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