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15 culinary life hacking, which will turn your view of the world


It makes no difference whether you are a beginning cook or an experienced hostess, you still cannot keep all the recipes in your head. Moreover, having found a suitable recipe for a dish, it is not always clear in what sequence to put the necessary ingredients, how to cut them correctly and in what form is best served. Also, hardly anyone will refuse a portion of useful culinary tips and secrets that will open the eyes to many things.

Lemon juice

Lemon juice is a concentrate of beneficial vitamins and other nutrients. Add it to vegetable salads to make them even healthier, and use chicken and fish seasonings. To squeeze a maximum of juice from one lemon, hold the fruit in the microwave oven at maximum power for 15-20 seconds.

Fast cooling

Do you want something cold and in large quantities, but there is no strength, no time to wait? We know how to prepare for this situation in advance. Freeze ice not in ordinary molds, but in molds for baking muffins. Here's the easiest way to quickly cool lemonade or juice.

Sterile sponge

Wet kitchen sponges that remain after cleaning or washing dishes can be disinfected promptly. To do this, place them in the microwave for one minute at maximum power. That's the whole secret of sterility!

Waste-free production

Do you have your own garden where you grow fresh vegetables, greens and other plants with love? Then you certainly understand the importance of fertilizer. Do not buy expensive chemicals in stores, because you can use natural fertilizers. They are much cooler. Just chop the peeling of vegetables in a blender and pour them over the beds.

Coffee maker instead of stove

Coffee maker is a cool thing. It can be used to prepare not only aromatic coffee, but also other food. Of course, we are talking mainly about fast food products - for example, sausages and noodles.

Express draniki

Draniki themselves are prepared simply and quickly, but this process can be accelerated. If you have a regular waffle iron at home, use it for this purpose. The picture shows how to make mouth-watering potato pancakes in minutes.

Lush Scrambled Eggs

Is it possible to cook lush scrambled eggs? Yes! It will turn out better than any chef. You just need to know a little secret: add 1-2 tablespoons of cold water to the eggs. Scrambled eggs will rise slightly and will look very appetizing.

Spicy Dried Greens

Dried herbs are always in the subject. She can easily find use in the kitchen. Prepare it for the winter easy. Wash and dry the herbs thoroughly, place them on paper towels and send in the microwave oven at maximum power for 1 minute. Then dry to the desired state for 15-30 seconds.

Green cubes

If you are not freezing greens in ice tins, then it's time to fix it. For what? To add such cubes to broths or sauces. How? Simply rinse, dry and chop the herbs. Put it in molds and cover with water or olive oil. Freeze and use as needed.

Sugar instead of sauce

Cooking meat steaks is a real art. Some recipes use white wine as a marinade or sauce. What to do if it was not at hand? You will need sugar and white vinegar. Dissolve the last in the last and use as an alternative to white wine.

White rice

Do you like rice? We know how to serve it perfectly white and appetizing to the table. To do this, you need to add lemon juice or citric acid in small quantities, and do not cover the pan with a lid.

Gourmet Salad

Tried all possible and impossible dressings for salads? You do not know how to diversify your favorite dish? Vegetables are perfectly combined with vanilla. Just add a small amount of this exquisite spice to the salad and enjoy the amazing taste.

Tender liver

Liver is a very healthy product. It contains iron, which plays a key role for hormonal health and rapid metabolism. Not everyone knows how to cook a liver correctly. To make it tender, salt it at the end of cooking.

Light broth

Fat soups are not everyone likes. If you like light broths more, take our advice. Add a few ice cubes to the cooking broth. Then it will be less nourishing and fat.

Neat Eggs

Egg white tends to crumble when it is cut. To prevent this from happening, and you could serve an appetizing snack to the table, moisten the blade with cold water. Now you can safely cut the eggs in half, without fear that they crumble.